Everything You Need to Know About Antioxidants

Everything You Need to Know About Antioxidants

Yay for antioxidants! You hear this buzzword all the time, but do you know what antioxidants actually are? Where you can find them? What they do or how you can consume more of them?

You're not getting enough antioxidants if you're not eating your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables; and no, sadly, potato chips and French fries do not count! Most Americans are not even consuming one quarter of their daily recommended amount. Hopefully, as NutriBullet users, YOU are the exceptions!

Antioxidants are compounds found in foods that protect and repair cells from damage caused by free radicals. This damage may lead to both acute and chronic diseases by way of a weakened immune system. Our body is constantly producing oxidation reactions to sustain life and, when combined with a poor diet and stress, these free radicals can become too powerful and cause harm. Therefore, it is imperative to feed your body a continuous supply of antioxidants to maintain balance.

Antioxidant compounds are complex, but here are a few of the most popular antioxidants along with great sources that contain them.

  • Polyphenols (resveratrol, flavonoids) – Super boosters will help round out your daily quota for this disease-fighter. A splash of green tea or powder, raw cacao, cinnamon, or oregano adds a nice touch to a NutriBlast.

In addition to adding more antioxidant-rich foods to your meals, get more power out of them by putting these nutrient-rich ingredients in your NutriBlast and break through the cell walls for maximum absorption and benefit!

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