Exceeding my Expectations

Exceeding my Expectations

I am not someone who is easily impressed and rarely has anyone or anything exceeded my expectations. After discovering the NutriBullet and the program, I want to share my amazing results, and I am fortunate that the people here have provided me this opportunity.

It has been over five months since I began my journey with the NutriBullet program and I am happy to report that this product has not only exceeded my expectations, it has literally changed what and how I will be eating for the rest of my life. I realize that sounds unbelievably drastic, but it’s true! My refrigerator that once contained only packaged, processed foods and desserts is now full of fruits and vegetables.

Before I began using the NutriBullet, I was a perfect example of what happens to someone with poor eating habits. After my immune system broke down and I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and Cancer in less than a two-year period, I have to admit that I lost hope in living a healthy, productive life. I never thought that I would feel good again. Between the two illnesses and the treatments, I was a familiar face at the hospital. I knew that something had to change when the staff at my hospital greeted me by name before I even checked in. Now, the changes in me are so apparent that my friends, family and even my doctors are impressed with the difference. My oncologist has now made the commitment to juicing and healthier eating habits.

In addition to the increased energy, the symptoms associated with the Ulcerative Colitis have subsided. My doctor even changed my medication from something that cost me $235 a month (after insurance) to a generic $10.00 a month alternative, and I have eliminated another medication all together. My glucose level dropped by 10 points. The improvement in my skin tone is amazing. I have even achieved my goal weight. Most importantly, I have been able to walk away from the last two challenging years of my life feeling better than ever!

I feel much more positive about my future and have a sense of control over my health. Who would have thought that making an obvious change in my diet would have such a profound impact!

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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