Fad Diets and Weight Loss Programs

Fad Diets and Weight Loss Programs

I admit that I have had a lifelong addiction to magazines and books that are all about diet and weight loss.

I find it fascinating that there are thousands of methods and systems advertising rapid weight loss, supervised weight loss and pre-packaged meals, but few are really all about the basics in eating, exercise and simple lifestyle changes. I guess there isn't much money to be made touting this concept!

Regardless of the method used to lose weight, we have all experienced that ever so disappointing yo-yo dieting effect. Once you go off of the program, the weight returns. Even my best friend, who underwent something as drastic as Gastric Bypass surgery, has had difficulty keeping the weight off.

Now that everyone I know owns a NutriBullet, it's all we can seem to talk about. Most of my friends purchased the NutriBullet to lose weight and help stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Over the years, most of us have tried fad diets, diet pills, cleanses, various popular weight loss systems and weight loss clinics that cost over a thousand dollars just to sign up. We are excited that we have now found this dependable and affordable resource to help us reach our weight loss goals and, more importantly, maintain those goals by spurring lifestyle changes that are beneficial to us in so many other ways.

So, as my friends and I share our NutriBullet goals and accomplishments, I think we feel more confident that our efforts will pay off and the results will be long term.

As for me, for the first time in my life, I don’t feel like I'm on a rollercoaster ride when it comes to my weight. Now, instead of having my closet full of clothes in three different sizes (sizes: happy, bloated and completely unacceptable), I can narrow it down to just one size and not worry about what I can fit into each day, just by making a commitment to use my NutriBullet on a regular basis, making smarter choices when it comes to food and incorporating more physical activity into my routine.

Thank you, NutriBullet, for making the process of reaching and maintaining our ideal weight uncomplicated and attainable!

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

Comment by lorishea
December 28, 2014
I like the description of your closet. Happy, bloated and unacceptable. I have the exact same closet!
Comment by Tpoetic
June 21, 2013
Yes my nutri-bullet arrived today and I would like to use it to lose weight what's the magical ingredients
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