The Family that NutriBlasts Together, Stays Together

The Family that NutriBlasts Together, Stays Together

It can be a challenge to get everyone in your family on the same page when it comes to food. I’m sure that my family situation will likely sound familiar. When I found my way to the NutriBullet, not only did I start drinking my fruits and veggies, I began eliminating fast food and processed foods from my diet and my refrigerator. Well, this wasn’t exactly met with understanding and enthusiasm when it came to others in my house who were not quite ready for the dietary change. In my opinion, food consumption should be a family affair. After all, don’t we all want our families to be as healthy as possible?

It’s not like my daughter and husband were eating poorly, but they were lacking some foods that are vital to our overall health and wellbeing. My daughter, who is in the entertainment industry, is always concerned about gaining that extra ounce and going from a size 0 to an unthinkable size 2. Like many people devoted to maintaining their weight, her plan to keep weight off involved limiting food consumption. There were times when I would ask her to eat almonds or an avocado because she has an issue with her cholesterol levels. You would have thought that I had asked her to eat an entire cow with a root beer float for dessert! She had it in her head that almonds and avocados were not good for you because they are high in fat. Okay, so we get over that hurdle and now, shooting for the stars, I asked her to try a NutriBlast.

As my daughter watched me like a hawk placing the ingredients into my NutriBullet, she was getting nervous and asking a lot of questions as she saw the spinach, kale, banana, celery, Gogi berries and almonds going into the tall cup. Of course, the beautiful shade of neon green didn’t help my cause, but she drank it and became an instant fan.

The spouse, well he enjoyed his red meat at least four times a week and his chocolate chip ice cream nightly. It actually didn’t take him long before he was a NutriBullet devotee because he watched my amazing transformation and wanted to begin making healthier choices, too.

Nothing makes me happier than to watch my family get healthy together. We are on the right track and are enjoying eating healthier and playing around with recipes in our NutriBullet. Forever grateful to the NutriBullet people for helping the Pack family make positive changes in our diet.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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