From Fat to All That!

From Fat to All That!

My husband Scott and I met 22 years ago. At the time, he was a pretty athletic, trim guy, but after we got married things started to change. For starters, there were the nightly home cooked meals, including homemade desserts. A few years later came children and more responsibilities. After about 10 years into wedded family bliss, his weight started to fluctuate, but he still remained active.

Then on a Saturday night in May 2008, everything changed. Scott had a cold and was taking some over-the-counter pseudoephedrine and ibuprofen for his symptoms. He had been doing this for years, but for some reason that night it did not go as planned. What ended up being a volatile combination resulted in a heart spasm. This is similar to a heart attack, only without the blockage. After a week in the hospital’s cardiac care unit everything ended fine. However, this was a life-changing event not only for him, but for the entire family.

Fast forward to nine months later, he started to workout regularly, but was not achieving the results he was hoping for. He did lose some inches and toned up, but could not reach a goal weight. As a matter of fact, our 9-year-old daughter told Daddy he had a “fat tummy.” He tried several different weight management programs, but plateaued and could not lose the last 15 pounds. He was addressing the situation with exercise alone – and any dietitian will tell you that that is not enough. His dilemma changed the day the NutriBullet came into our lives.

What he learned is that it’s the right combination of fruits and veggies, along with the exercise that helped him off the plateau and onto the right course toward his goal weight. He started enjoying a NutriBlast every morning for breakfast instead of the calorie-packed alternative. Within months, the weight that wouldn’t budge no longer existed.

Here’s one of his favorite recipes!

• 1 Banana

• ½ Orange

• ¼ Cup of pineapple fresh or frozen

• ½ Cup of blueberries

• Big handful of spinach

• Handful of raw almonds

• 3 Ice cubes

• Water to line

Place all ingredients in the large NutriBullet cup, blend and enjoy. Please feel free to try other fruit combinations. Replace the blueberries with mango and you have a delicious tropical flavor.

I am pleased to say my loving husband not only looks fabulous and sexy, he is a trim fit version of the man I met 22 years ago. He says he owes it all to the great tasting morning Blast. I'm so proud of him.

Scott Before

Scott After

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