From Fat to Fit!

From Fat to Fit!

Saying that your NutriBullet can take you from fat to fit is a very bold statement, but it is absolutely true. Never in my practice, seminars or classes has there been a must-have piece of equipment that can so drastically change your health and life like the NutriBullet. And I do recommend it to everyone. Why? The NutriBullet extractor blades have the unique ability to Blast nutrients out of plant flesh, making nutrient absorption much higher.

The smaller the food size particle, the less digestion is required. For those with compromised digestive systems, this is critically important. If you can't digest foods adequately, you can't sufficiently absorb the nutrients they contain. If you have poor digestion, it doesn't matter how many super foods you eat, the body can't heal or even maintain its health with the food you give it. Most Americans have poorly functioning digestive systems! That's one reason why more than 70 percent of Americans are suffering from some disease or illness. When I weighed almost 450 pounds, I was malnourished. I was eating a lot of calories that contained very few nutrients.

One thing you may not know is that nutrients differ from nutrition. Nutrients come from foods or supplements that the body needs to build health. Nutrition is what nutrients turn into once they are absorbed and used by the body. The poor absorption of nutrients means your body is lacking nutrition.

The optimal health potential is unique for each of us. It depends on a number of things, like our genetics, total exposure to environmental toxins, total exposure to parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, effects of stress and fitness level of our body, etc. However, when you put a device like the NutriBullet to work for you and you begin to absorb nutrients, the body has an amazing ability to self diagnose, balance and heal.

Being overweight or obese is purely a symptom of malnutrition and a lack of physical movement. A malnourished body will not have the nutrition it needs to make energy, detoxify, build hormones, enzymes, red blood cells, white blood cells, neurotransmitter chemicals, antigens, antibodies, bones, muscle and organ tissues. It's hard to believe an overweight person could be malnourished, right? Not when you understand that the foods that make us overweight are very poor providers of nutrients.

Think about this for a moment: your body stores toxins in your fat cells to keep the toxic matter away from organs. If you don't have the nutrition to detox your body, the body is going to hang onto the fat to protect you! Additionally, it takes nutrition to create hormones and enzymes. Hormones signal the body to release fat and the enzymes that breakdown fat into fatty acids that are used for energy. Without the proper nutrients, you can't adequately detox or breakdown fat cells.

Malnutrition makes losing weight and building muscle much more difficult. The NutriBullet provides even those with poor digestion the potential to nourish their body so weight loss can happen and muscle can be built.

The Next Level: Getting Fit!

Now, let's take it to the next level. I believe to be fit you must build aerobic capacity, strength and balance, and anaerobic capacity (through interval training). Getting fit requires you to gradually increase the physical demand on your body’s cardiovascular system and muscles.

For example, let’s say you begin your exercise routine by walking at a pace of 2 miles an hour or a mile every 30 minutes. The next week, increase your speed to 2.5 miles per hour or a mile every 25 minutes. After 3 or 4 days, increase your speed or intensity to 3 miles an hour or a mile in 20 minutes. Your body responds to this demand by making more muscle, healthier red blood cells, balancing your hormones, etc., which allows you to go faster and harder! Isn’t that awesome? Also, the more fit you become, the better your body’s ability isn to burn stored fat. Exercise builds muscle, which accelerates the burning of fat for energy. Additionally, exercise, when done on a daily basis, increases your metabolism, causing you to burn more fat while sitting still or even sleeping.

Many nutrients are required to make energy from calories. B vitamins in particular prepare carbohydrates, fats and protein for use in the body. B Vitamin absorption is increased with carbohydrates. Several minerals are also required in the energy pathways. Antioxidants protect our cells from the effects of creating energy. By nourishing your body, you will have plenty of nutrition to build and repair muscle tissues, lubricate joints, make enzymes, hormones, create healthy neurotransmitters, and build healthy bones.

The NutriBullet takes the nutrient content of the food you Blast to another absorption level so you can detox, make muscle, organ, bone and joint tissue, make hormones, enzymes, blood cells, neurotransmitters and nerve cells, all of which support the making of a healthy body at a healthy weight. But it takes your effort to make your Blast everyday and move more everyday.

If you want to take your body to the next level, make sure your Blast have a wide variety of colorful plants, including greens. Also make sure they contain adequate protein. You can add more protein through the addition of protein powders (organic, free-range, lactose-free whey concentrate or pea protein is the best), nuts, seeds and whole grains like quinoa. More nutrients means more energy, more muscle, higher fitness and a body at a healthy weight!

The only limit to your health potential is you! How healthy and fit do you want to be?

Before changing your diet or exercise routines, discuss the changes with your doctor, particularly if you have been sedentary or have medical conditions.

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