Feeling Fuller Longer

Feeling Fuller Longer

Do you feel more full throughout the day when you NutriBlast? A new study suggests that thicker drinks can keep you satiated longer than thinner drinks can for the same amount of calories.

It's difficult to gather conclusive results from this study, led by a PhD student at the University of Sussex, but one thing is clear: figuring out how to make drinks more filling without increasing their caloric content would be a huge step toward weight management.

With coffee, soda, high fructose juices, and other high-calorie liquids so pervasive in our culture, Americans rack up their calorie count with little nutritional substance. Replace those sugary (not to mention addictive!) drinks with healthy NutriBlasts, and you have a drink that's thicker than juice, to keep you feeling fuller for longer, and that's also chock-full of healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that your body needs.

Pure, all natural juice is great, but if you want the nutrients without the hunger, wouldn't you rather have a NutriBlast?

Read the entire MedPageToday article here.

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