Fibromyalgia Fast Facts

Fibromyalgia Fast Facts

Scientists estimate that approximately 5 million Americans over the age of 18 suffer from fibromyalgia. No exact cause is known yet, but links have been made between fibromyalgia and other conditions, lifestyle habits, and genetic traits.

Take a look at some of the traits of the most commonly affected people.

Sex: women account for 90% of all fibromyalgia sufferers.

Family History: One third of all fibromyalgia sufferers have a parent with fibromyalgia.

Stress: Those who live in a stressful environment, or are especially susceptible to both physical and emotional stress are at higher risk of developing symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Age: Fibromyalgia symptoms surface most frequently in middle age, but patients’ ages tend to range from 20 to 60 years old.

Diet: Certain foods are thought to intensify fibromyalgia symptoms. These include dairy, caffeine, nightshade vegetables (eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers), fried foods, salted/pickled foods, alcohol, refined flours, and added sugars.


Conventional treatment methods involve prescribed painkillers and/or antidepressants, as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy. While these treatments can be helpful, many patients have also experienced both physical and emotional relief from fibromyalgia symptoms by eliminating processed foods and dairy products from their diet, and increasing consumption of plant foods. Specifically, omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and walnuts (among other foods) and antioxidant-dense fruits and vegetables like berries and leafy greens have shown to assist with the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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Comment by Vet
April 09, 2015
MrsMellie, I related to the letter you shared regarding your fibromyalgia,and was glad to hear the good news that you figured out what foods affected your health. I now feel inspired that I can possibly do the same thing .ive suffered w/fibro & rhumetoid for 20 years,and suffered a lot! Thanks for making me a believer that we can change our story &agent over being fat ,sick&nearly dead! Im a survivor! Thanks &continued good health! Vet
Comment by mrsmellie
April 30, 2013
I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago, by a rheumatologist, with fibromyalgia. Nothing helped until my chiropractor recommended an anti-inflammatory diet just like the one listed above, no processed foods(white flour and sugar), dairy, caffeine, nightshade vegetables and even red meat. The foods get into your joints and muscles and cause pain. It worked!! In 6 months I had also lost almost 30 pounds, and most people would have said I didn't look like I had 30 pounds to lose, but detoxing my body made it happy :-) Once I was used to eating good foods, if I cheated I could tell within 48-72 hours what caused my pain. This also helps you to figure out what you need to avoid like the plague, because if you've ever experienced this kind of pain you will do whatever is necessary to avoid it.
mrsmellie, Hi, i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 6 years ago by my pain management dr via the deduction method. this was from a car accident. ive required meds to deal with the pain and have found nothing to deal with the severe farugue. im seeing a new pain management dr who says its not fibromyalgia but has not identified what it is either. would you please educate me more on what you've done and learned to deal with all that comes with the illness. i juststarted blasting and have been doing a lot of research on foods. my goal is to try to deal with fibromyalgia and all that comes with it hollistically. i really dont believe the medical world is my answer i greatly appreciate your guidance and input. ~ Imabeliever
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