Fighting Disease My Way

Fighting Disease My Way

It's common sense that good health should not be taken for granted, but are you taking the steps necessary to avoid disease? The inspiration for this topic came from a recent observation: a person smoking outside of my cancer treatment facility. If visiting a cancer hospital doesn’t motivate a person to stop unhealthy habits, what will?

By the time I decided to take control of my health, I had already been diagnosed with cancer, undergone major surgery and completed chemotherapy treatment. It makes me sad that it took a life-threatening disease to change my attitude and help me stop taking my health for granted. Even after successfully battling the disease, the fear of reoccurrence is a daily concern for any cancer patient. I found that the only way to fight this fear and move forward was by doing what was within my control. This meant focusing on foods and other ingredients that are known to fight disease. We all know these now as super foods. I set out to find the best way possible to get the maximum benefit from these foods in order to accomplish my health goals.

Finding the right tool was a challenge, so I'm hopeful that I can save people time and money by sharing this information. I tried everything from prepared vegetable juices, going to the nearest juice shop, and purchasing a blender to make smoothies. None of these proved to be a good option, not to mention they were a waste of money.

When I happened upon the NutriBullet, it was everything I was looking for and needed in my quest to feel great, reduce symptoms and help me prevent disease. It actually extracts the nutrients from fruits and vegetables so you get the most nutrition out of these foods. The fact that it is fast and easy to clean and barely takes up counter space is a plus!

Using the NutriBullet every day since completing my cancer treatment has changed my life and even my oncologist is sharing what he has observed as far as my progress. He recently purchased a NutriBullet for his office staff!

I don’t intend to ever look back and will continue to fight the battle against disease. I hope that more and more people join me in doing what is necessary to live a long and healthy life.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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