Fix This, Not That?

Fix This, Not That?

Ever feel lost and overwhelmed trying to achieve multiple goals at one time? Sometimes addressing a number of issues all at once can end up backfiring. A close friend of mine made a New Year’s Resolution to stop smoking and lose weight in 2013. While I applaud his decision and desire to get healthy, I can’t imagine choosing more challenging goals to achieve simultaneously. So far (and please forgive me, un-named friend), neither goal has been met and, in fact, the attempts have altered his normally happy disposition. Yes, he is now a major grouch!

Depending on the goals, sometimes it's a good idea to take one step at a time to fix one thing and address another later. With busy work and family responsibilities, really most people are just trying to get through the day without falling asleep on the job or forgetting to pick up their kid at school. A significant life modification or two can be tough, so timing, support and your level of commitment are important.

The truth is that we are all under construction most of the time because life’s circumstances can change on a daily basis. I believe that most of us have the desire to make positive changes in our lives and improving our health should be at the top of our “to do” lists. Wouldn’t it be great if we could address every health-related objective all at once?

I always thought that the best solution for me was to focus on “fixing” one thing at a time, so that I could devote all efforts to that particular situation. The funny and unexpected thing is that when I started using the NutriBullet and following the program, it actually did address a number of my health concerns at the same time! Is it going to help a person stop smoking, reduce alcohol consumption or spend more time with the family? Probably not and not all at once; these are issues that perhaps should be taken one step at a time.

When it comes to attaining goal weight, improving diet, and reducing or even eliminating certain medical symptoms, people are sharing that the NutriBullet has addressed these issues at the same time. It also has a positive snowball effect. When someone is seeing the results in one area, it helps motivate them to move forward into other areas. For example, we have heard many success stories of people losing weight by following the NutriBullet program and combining it with physical activity for maximum health benefits.

So fix this, not that? Whether you choose to address one or more goals at a time, continue to take full advantage of the NutriBullet program. You may find that the NutriBullet will handle the multitasking for you.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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