Fruit Shakes

Fruit Shakes

A lot of my recent posts revolved around healthier recipes for various NutriBlasts and meal ideas. I’ve covered a lot of different options but this one is very near and dear to my heart. It’s time to take on dessert.

After a yummy dinnertime meal, who doesn’t love a good dessert? When I’ve finished a nice, hearty supper, I have a serious sweet tooth that needs something sugary to satisfy its desire – just as many of you do. I know, however, if I give in to all my hankerings for delectable treats, I would be the size of a house. So what’s a girl to do with such a dilemma? There’s no need to fear, NutriBullet’s here!

Since I have had my NutriBullet, I have been experimenting with desserts in search of the ultimate sweet tooth delight. I would dream of a rich and fluffy drinkable concoction that is low in fat and healthier than your standard milk shake. Well, my dream has finally come true. I discovered “Fruit Shakes.” No one can say no to a mouthwatering fruit shake treat.

It’s as simple as this:

1 Cup of vanilla light ice cream*

1 Cup of fresh or frozen fruit of choice

½ tsp of vanilla – optional

Fat free milk to MAX LINE*

Blend in NutriBullet.

This recipe is lower in saturated fat than the normal run of the mill milkshake. Plus, it is made with fresh fruit, fat free milk and light ice cream. This shake is not only delicious, but also healthier than eating a bowl of ice cream. Remember, you are getting the nutritional benefits from the fruit and dairy and not all the fat. Best of all, it satisfies my cravings for something sweet.

Try it, I guarantee you’ll like it. Let me know if you find any crazy fruit combinations that make you taste buds dance! Your recipe may end up being someone else’s dessert salvation.

Another heroic move by my savior, the NutriBullet – Bon Appétit!

*Note: For those looking for a dairy-free alternative, try frozen bananas instead of ice cream. Tastes great and has the same consistency as ice cream when whipped up in the NutriBullet! Almond milk is also a great alternative to fat free milk. These options are sweet and make for a great, healthy dessert! -Krista Haynes, NutriBullet RD

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