Gearing Up for the World Championship Triathlon in London!

Gearing Up for the World Championship Triathlon in London!

The night before a triathlon, there is a lot to pack. Wetsuit, goggles, swim cap, your bike, bike shoes, socks, helmet, water bottles, race number, race belt, racing outfit, race mat... I could go on and on! It's typically a stressful night of trying to remember it all.

Now, imagine having to pack for a triathlon overseas! That adds a new level of stress: remembering your passport, e-ticket confirmation, travel itinerary, and international electrical converter (so that my NutriBullet works in London) among other things! Ok, so you get the picture right? Add in just one more unexpected factor: your four-year-old son pukes all over himself and his bed at 11 p.m., just as you are ready to climb into bed. Yup! That was me the night before leaving for World Championships in London.

Everything gets put on hold when your child is sick. I placed him in the shower patiently to clean him off and then let him sit in a warm bubble bath just to make him feel better. I sat next to him and poured warm water down his back to sooth him. He eventually went back to sleep on an air mattress with a bucket next to him. I simply crossed my fingers, hoping I didn’t catch anything and washed my hands about 35 times with hot soapy water just to be sure!

My husband worked the late shift and arrived home around 3 a.m. I woke him up at 5 a.m. for a 9 a.m. flight (JFK airport is about 90 minutes from our home). He slept most of the car ride as I sipped on an extra large cup of coffee all the way until we pulled into the airport’s long term parking lot. Patrick woke up and we made the flight without any issues. We arrived in London at 9 p.m. (London time) and now it was time to prepare for the experience of a lifetime.

Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, Triathlon Coach

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