Getting the Kids On Board with NutriBullet

Getting the Kids On Board with NutriBullet

It's hard enough to get many adults to consume vegetables, but getting kids to enjoy them and understand their importance can be a challenging task. You would think that taking it a step further and asking them to drink vegetables would be even more impossible, especially if that drink is a lovely shade of green!

Parents are usually crazy busy and it’s so easy to just pick up whatever is fast and convenient. Even I was guilty of doing that for several years. With today’s lifestyles, people are just trying to get through their day without passing out from exhaustion. When they finally get a chance to sit down and eat with the family, most of the time is spent trying to convince kids to eat their vegetables. When it comes to nutrition, sometimes we just have to slow down, focus and make diet a priority before it gets out of hand.

Some parents have become very creative. I love how my friend Robin handles this situation with her son, Trevor. She starts from scratch, so to speak, and it begins with a family outing. Even in Southern California where almost every inch of real estate is taken up by buildings, there are some small farms scattered throughout the craziness. On her day off, Robin takes her son to a local farm so that he can see how vegetables and fruits are grown and then he literally picks whatever is currently growing to put in his NutriBullet. As you can tell from the picture, Trevor is a fan of strawberry NutriBlasts!

It is so easy to sneak in a small handful of vegetables along with the fruit, especially spinach because of its mild taste. One of my favorite ways to get kids (and some of my adult friends, too) on board drinking a NutriBlast has been this recipe.

Happy Blasting!

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