Getting the Most Out of Your NutriBullet

Getting the Most Out of Your NutriBullet

You love your NutriBullet. You probably use it everyday and, trust us, you aren't alone. You're among millions of people who have changed their lives and their health through the power of NutriBlasting. You're a rockstar!

And since you're already getting the most out of your food, we want to make sure you're getting the most out of your NutriBullet. To help empower you and make sure you're feeling your absolute best, follow these tips for an optimal Blasting experience!

1. Interact on NutriLiving!

Do you know what the biggest cause of fibromyalgia symptoms is? Want to ask our Registered Dietitians a question? We've got all the information you need to live a healthier life, right at your fingertips!

Use the search feature to search information on any health topic, browse the Forums for a community of Blasters who are just like you, or look up a food in our Healing Foods section to find out what its healing properties are. We're giving you the resources you need to change your life, it's up to you to use them!

2. Replace your Extractor Blade for lasting performance!

If anything goes wrong, you're covered under our 1 year warranty and you'll receive an Extractor Blade free of charge when you contact our Customer Service department. But, if your motor is running just a bit too loudly or you think your blade needs a tune up, replace it here! Tough root veggies, ice, and other rough ingredients wear the blade down, and though they're still no match for the NutriBullet, they can begin to slow the process down or cause noise after months of daily use. To avoid any problems and ensure you always have a working blade on hand, replace your Extractor Blade every 4-6 months.

3. Don't dishwash it, rinse it!

Your cups and blades are top-rack dishwasher-safe, but extended wash times in the dishwasher cause unnecessary wear and tear. When you're done drinking your Blast, rinse it out for quick and easy clean up! Don't have time to rinse? Soak the cup and get back to it later - just make sure not to leave remnants of your last Blast sitting in the cup. Dried NutriBlast is tough to get clean even in the dishwasher!

4. Stock up on the basics and try a new fruit or veggie each week!

Variety is the spice of life! We all have our favorite Blast ingredients: banana, spinach, strawberries, you name it! When you go grocery shopping, stock up on these essentials so you don't run out soon, and try at least one new produce item each week. This will open your produce horizons and introduce you to new flavors you never knew about. And by stocking up on your favorites, you can guarantee a Blast you love is just a walk to the fridge away.

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Comment by Tboob
June 30, 2014
Whats a good blend for the morning for kids? 3 years old
I too have been trying to register my nutri bullet for the past 2 weeks but Webb site always says page not available. I want to do it on line to received 3 additional months.
Reply by serwaaya
July 07, 2014
Me too. I had same experience, so just moved on to nutriliving. Don't know if I registered or not.
May I register my NutriBullet here? I filled out the form in the website but they said they were sorry for my inconvenience but go to and register. Where do I do that?
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Thank you for your comment! It is pending approval and should be posted shortly.