Getting Over Sleep, Memory and Energy Issues

Getting Over Sleep, Memory and Energy Issues

Dear NutriBullet or My Hero (same thing!),

My story about using the NutriBullet will not blow others away. It did not help me cure cancer, or get over diabetes or cure any other chronic illness. My story is about a healthy young, average, health and physical education teacher who was just trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into his diet. Little did I know that this machine would be the bridge that elevated my health, happiness and everyday living to an all-time HIGH.

The NutriBullet helped me get over my sleep, nicotine, memory and caffeine problems, while elevating my energy level and overall outlook on life. Writing this message to you literally brought tears to my eyes and I will be forever grateful for what this machine has done for me.

The NutriBullet not only changed my life, but it changed everyday living for me.

Sleep has always been a problem since I was in high school. I was used to it and came to the conclusion that it was something I had to deal with for the rest of my life. I tried every single over-the-counter sleep aid and even got a prescription from the doctor for sleeping pills to help me fall and stay asleep. Once I started using the NutriBullet, my sleep schedule went from about 2-5 hours a night to a solid 8-9 hours, WITHOUT WAKING UP ONE TIME. Then I experienced something that I only thought happened in commercials, waking up and feeling absolutely 100% refreshed. My body felt rejuvenated and I was ready for the start of the day, without any caffeine? This was all new to me, but this restored sleep led to more energy throughout the day. More energy in the day led to better workouts in the gym with better results. I also began to take classes again to further my education and even threw in some volunteering with all of this new found ENERGY.

Since I had more energy from sleeping, my addiction to caffeine rapidly went away! I went from drinking eight cups of coffee a day to now barely one cup. Those caffeine headaches were no longer prominent in my life.

Since the age of 15 (now 26), I had been extremely addicted to chewing tobacco. I tried to quit so many times, but nothing worked. I even had to get a lump removed from my chin after college and this STILL did not motivate me to quit. TO MY AMAZEMENT, after two weeks of using the NutriBullet, all cravings for NICOTINE completely went away. I have no idea why, how, or if it was all in my head; I can say that for 6 months straight, I have not had one craving to use tobacco.

Having more energy throughout the day brought back MY personality that I had been missing for years, the energetic and funny Anthony that had been lost. My overall morale was so much better at work, at home, EVERYWHERE. I can't tell you how many compliments I receive on a daily basis about why I'm so happy all the time. I'm slowly becoming the person I want to be.

You can poll all of my friends and they will tell you that my memory has always been horrendous. I forget things in the past easily and also struggle with short term memory. I noticed that my mental fogginess is drastically improving on a daily basis. This is very helpful as a teacher, because I'm constantly thinking on my feet and need to prepare and memorize lessons on a daily basis! My students know me as the green juice man and I'll be happy to tell you that I'm in the process of making NutriBlasts for my kindergarten to 5th grade students for my Nutrition unit. I've let all 260 students in our school take a whiff of some of my NutriBlasts and have YET to have one student say they do not smell good.

I'm sitting here tearing up as I write this and cannot thank you enough for providing such a convenient machine that helps make it easy to give our body what it needs to thrive. It sounds cliché and corny to say, but you are the reason my life is so much better.

I have sold over 20 NutriBullets to friends, family members and co-workers and will keep doing so until everybody in my circle has one in their household.

Words cannot express my gratitude. I apologize for the grammatical and spelling errors, (be nice!) I'm a Health and Phys ED Teacher, not an English Teacher!

Thank you so much!

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Hi what recipes did you use. Just bought the pro model. I am always tired and have problems with sleep
Comment by Millie24
July 26, 2015
Would love the recipe too, always waking up during the night, would be wonderful to try your recipe.
Comment by kvmorse
April 12, 2015
That was some good news-I need all that! What are you drinking? Thanks Karan
Comment by maria12345
January 12, 2015
thank you anthony great story... i have the same problems as you except i sleep well ,hope in the future i succsed and get the old me back too i miss her
Comment by Wolfwatcher
January 02, 2015
Anthony, thank you for your article. I'm a biology teacher and much older than you :) But, I was a phys ed major in college and an athlete, I need to get her back.
Comment by wooster
December 22, 2014
Really good testimony, Anthony. I like this machine too!
Comment by surgilbert
August 27, 2014
Definitely you can't talk about how great the machine is without sharing recipes! We love the Nutribullet, too.
I'm curious about the nicotine withdrawal, I've got a family member who struggles with chewing tobacco and would love to be able to help them by using the Nutribullet. Please let me know what combinations helped you. Thanks oh, I'm nov2blue AT yahoo
Wonderful testimony Anthony, thanks for sharing!! :))
Comment by scotmojo
April 29, 2013
Great testimony Anthony. I do not remember the last time I went to sleep and woke up in the morning without having woke up 4 to 5 times in the middle of the night. Please share what you used in the recipe that helped you. Loving my birthday gift to myself this year. Maureen
Comment by Will
April 07, 2013
Amazing story Anthony. I hope you keep it up. I'm suffering from most of the same symptoms you presented. Can you please tell me the ingredients that helped you overcome those symptoms? Sincerely, Wil
Comment by lindam
March 26, 2013
Anthony, thank you for sharing!! I have just started using the nutribullet. I have a 17 year old daughter, neither my daughter or I need to loose weigh but we both have issues with sleep and energy. Can you share what type of recipes you used to help with sleep and energy? Linda
Anthony, thank you for posting your testimony. I agree, I am thrilled with my NutriBullet also. My neighbor should have never told me about his Gout problems. Now I am using the NutriBullet to make the drink for Gout until his NurtiBullet arrives. Love this Machine to the MAX! Sheryl
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