Getting Rid of that Brain Fog

Getting Rid of that Brain Fog

I'm usually awake by 3 am due to my job. I work about 10 hours a day, sometimes 12. I used to come home and just want to go to sleep. I felt like I was in an exhausted fog all day long.

I saw the NutriBullet infomercial and figured it was worth a shot. Within 3 days, I felt amazing! I am alert and focused and happy today, no longer sleepwalking! My arthritis has really eased up. I'm only 47 years old, I should not be a better weather predictor than the weatherman! I am happy to say that I no longer am! Several friends have noticed the change in me and they are now making smoothies daily. Even my 12-year-old loves them and getting veggies into that boy has not been easy until now.

Thank you for changing my life!

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Comment by KnonnaK
March 16, 2015
Hello Peeps:) I am new here, and I want to say, I am saddened that no one has commented:( You have some very good questions:) I did however, go to their Contact US, and messaged them about them not answering MANY COMMENTS/?'s. I didn't however, put that this was found in "Energy", just about Brain Fog. Hopefully they will find time to Look:) Fingers crossed!:)
Search for recipes with beets, kale, brazil nuts and berries to get some great recipes with foods that support the brain.
Reply by pfkingery
January 20, 2015
wish there was an easy way to just plug in those ingredients and have the recipes pop up, as is I'm not sure which category to start looking under first to find a recipe with those ingredients. I also don't see a category for Brain, which would be nice as my husband has suffered some short term memory loss but tall test show no medical reason why...
Comment by royabbott4
January 29, 2014
YES - What blast recipe are you using for that? Hello, anyone home?
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