Getting Started: How To Use NutriBullet

how to use nutribullet and how to make a smoothie

New to blending? Or more specifically, new to NutriBullet? You’ve come to the right place! Use this blog post as your guide to get started.

How to Use Your NutriBullet

Step 1: Unbox Your NutriBullet

Whether you’re rocking a Magic Bullet, Rx, 600, PRO, or Balance, the first step is always the same. Unbox your Bullet. Take off all the plastic, plug it in, and get yourself and your Bullet situated.

Step 2: Make a Smoothie, Any Smoothie

Look in your fridge and freezer. What do you have on hand? Let's say you have spinach, a banana, ice, chia seeds, and almond milk. Start with the leafy greens, then add your fruit, seeds, and ice. Leave your liquid for last.

Smoothie Making Tips:

  • Ice should only occupy 25% of the cup, no more than that.
  • Liquid should always be added last.
  • Each cup has a "Max" line, don't add any food or liquid above this line. The blade needs to be able to rotate and extract effectively and going over the Max line can make it hard for your ingredients to blend evenly. It may even cause leakage, and no one wants that.
  • NEVER add anything hot or carbonated to your Bullet. This causes pressure to build in the cup and may result in a mess or damage, so no hot coffee, no hot foods, and no sparkling water.

Step 3: Blend

You have your smoothie built, now you're ready to blend it! Tightly screw the extractor blade (the blade your Bullet came with) onto your cup. Make sure it is secure so there are no leaks during your blend. Then set the cup with the blade attached into the motor base. To lock the cup in place, twist the cup clockwise while pressing the cup down, this locks it in place and allows for a hands-free blend.

Keep an eye on your smoothie, it should take 30-60 seconds to blend to the right consistency. If any ingredients are stuck or if they have stopped moving, twist the cup counterclockwise to stop it and consider adding more liquid to get everything moving again or shaking the cup to dislodge “stuck” ingredients. Then lock the cup back into place and continue blending.

Once your smoothie looks well blended , stop the Bullet by twisting the cup counterclockwise. The cup will pop up, the motor will stop, and your smoothie will be ready!

Step 4: Drink Your Smoothie

Remove the blade, screw on the lip ring to cover the grooves on the cup and sip that smoothie! It’s that simple. Taking your smoothie on the go? Screw on a flip top to-go lid and head out the door.

Step 5: Clean Up

Cups are dishwasher safe on the top rack but blades need to be hand washed. Gently wash the blade with hot water and a sponge being cautious, it is a blade after all.

Note that the gaskets should never be removed from the blade. For more information on gaskets, click here.

If your motor base needs cleaning, use a cloth to wipe it off but remember to first unplug your Bullet. If it needs a more thorough cleaning, use warm soapy water and a toothbrush to scrub inside. Wipe it clean and allow it to air dry before using again.

Ready to make your first smoothie? Click here to explore hundreds of dietitian-approved recipes.

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Hi, just bought a NutriBullet in the USA but I will use it in the Philippines is it safe to use a 220v power source?
Reply by nlsupport
April 12, 2019
Hello there! The machine is only made to be used in the USA with the 120 volts. We are sorry, however cannot guarantee that the NutriBullet will not work properly with a converter, adapter or step down transformer and we do not recommend using these items.  Please be advised that using the NutriBullet with such devices may result in damage to your NutriBullet.
Comment by TammyB66450
January 26, 2019
I just used my Nutribullet for the first time and it smells like it is burning? Also on the base there are 3 silicone caps, are they supposed to be removed before use?
NutriLiving McKenzie Jones on January 31, 2019
Hello there! Thanks for your question. The smell you mentioned is normal within the first 20 to 30 uses. However, if it continues after that please let us know so we can further look into you. The silicon plugs inside the motor base can be removed for cleaning inside the unit. Enjoy your day!
Comment by LynnW29399
January 21, 2019
I did not receive a lid with my bullet. I got 2 rings that go around each cup. I thought it was rather odd that there was no "lid" but wasn't sure there was even such a thing. I see in the picture there is. I actually made sure that when I bought my bullet it had never been opened......but not lid :(
NutriLiving McKenzie Jones on January 22, 2019
Thanks for messaging us today! I do apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please call us directly at 855-346-8874 for further assistance with the replacements. Make sure to have the unit handy when you call. Our office hours are open from 6am to 5pm Monday- Friday (Pacific Time). Thank you.
I received a Nutri Bullet for a Christmas present but the to-go lid was not included. How can I get one?
NutriLiving McKenzie Jones on January 22, 2019
Hello there! Thanks for reaching out to us today. You can purchase one for your unit here: Simply select the product you have and click on accessories to order the flip top lid. Or you can contact us directly at 855-346-8874 for further assistance regarding warranty service. Enjoy your day!
NutriLiving McKenzie Jones on January 15, 2019
Yes, all of the NutriBullet cups and lids are top-rack dishwasher-safe. The only things that cannot go in the dishwasher are the NutriBullet motor base and blades.
Comment by TerieR14044
January 10, 2019
I received my Nutribullet for Christmas and am excited to use it! I’m all set to make my first smoothie. I see that a milling blade was included, what is this used for? I didn’t see any recipes that mentioned using this blade.
NutriLiving McKenzie Jones on January 11, 2019
Congrats on your new Nutribullet gift! We are happy to hear you just opened your product to start using it. The milling blade is specifically designed for grinding nuts, seeds, and coffee beans. It is best used to turn ingredients into a powdery form. Here is a delicious almond butter recipe made fresh using the milling blade. Just make sure to let the almonds cool off before blending them in your NutriBullet.
Comment by MartyJ21032
January 06, 2019
I tried using my new nutribullet and the liquid sprayed all over, so I tightened it again....same thing. What am I doing wrong? Any tighter and I will have to use a wrench.
NutriLiving McKenzie Jones on January 10, 2019
Thanks for your post. Oh no! I am sorry for the leaking you were having with the product. We will need to check your parts for you to see why this is happening. Please kindly give us a call at 855-346-8874 for further assistance. Our office hours are open from 6am to 5pm Monday- Friday (Pacific Time).
Comment by KimPigue19107
December 29, 2018
I just got this for Christmas. Level #1 labeled Detox I would like a day to day outline To get started please.
Comment by KathleenB36172
December 27, 2018
Ok. So, I got my Nutribullet Pro for Christmas, washed and let it dry overnight. I reviewed the manual and nutrition guide that came with it as well as downloading the recipe app and signing up on the nutriliving website. Being a newbie to nutrient extraction, I'm a little unclear about food prep. Obviously, I understand that I want organic ingredients where possible especially those fruits and vegetables that don't get peeled or they should well washed; items like bananas, watermelon, squash, kiwi should be peeled first. However, what about items with tougher or thicker skins like citrus or zucchini? None of the recipes say anything about food prep, the pictures and general instructions imply that the nutribullet makes quick work of most peels, rinds, nuts, and seeds; creating a smooth drink. I just made my first smoothie with mixed results. I followed the advice of this article using foods I have on hand. I peeled and froze a banana, washed and sliced an orange making ice cube size pieces and froze them. I left the orange peel on and since there were no obvious large seeds I didn't remove them, I did remove the inner "spine" of rind that runs through the middle of the orange. My smoothie recipe included 2 handfuls of fresh spinach, half the banana, half the orange pieces, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1-2 tbsp key lime juice and water to the max line. I pulsed the extractor for a couple seconds twice, shook the container to remove the spinach leaves that were stuck to the "top" of the container. I then pulsed it a couple of more times for longer duration, but probably not longer than 20 seconds each (I'm a little paranoid, after all the warnings, about overheating it) until everything looked smooth and we'll blended.r I'm a little disappointed. My smoothie, while not gritty, probably because the only nuts or seeds are what were in the orange, is certainly not smooth. There are tiny bits of pulp throughout, enough so that I can scrap it off the sides with a spoon. There overall appearance is a bright green smoothie with tiny white flecks of orange rind and possibly unmelted coconut oil. Also, there's a distinct aftertaste, like eating an orange slice with too much rind on it. Not my favorite! Should I have blended it longer? Should I peel the oranges in the future? Where did I go wrong?
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