The Healing Potential of Laughter

The Healing Potential of Laughter

Laughter is great for the body and spirit. It lifts our attitude and has powerful healing potential, releasing healthy hormones and chemicals that make us feel good. It truly does lift our attitude!

I want you to seriously consider these questions: is your current level of health as good as you desire? What influence does your attitude (joy, sadness, happiness, love, anger, envy) and your thoughts have on your health? Does your health allow you to do anything you want, within reason? If not, maybe some self-evaluation is in order to see if your thoughts and attitude are affecting your health and life.

We've all heard about the power of positive thinking. So what role does this actually play in your health? Studies show that a positive attitude can create positive physiological reactions that promote a healthier mind and body.

Thoughts are the ingredients that make up our attitude. Physiologically, our bodies respond to negative thoughts differently than pleasant thoughts. For example, our body responds to our negative attitude by releasing stress hormones which cause many adverse effects, including lowering immune function, building abdominal fat, increasing insulin resistance and increasing blood pressure. It also increases cellular damage through an increase in free radical attacks. In other words, it increases your risk for developing cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and premature aging.

When the alarm clock rudely wakens you in the morning, what's the second thought you have? (I know what the first one is: DESTROY the alarm clock! - That thought is involuntary and doesn’t count.) I quickly recover and feel thankful for another day to do something good. What are your next thoughts? Are you grateful? Do you have the urge to enrich your life or someone else's? Do you smile and think “Today is going to be great. I'm not going to let anything or anyone rob me of joy today; I am going to do something nice for someone else today!” If you begin the day with positive thoughts, you will have a positive day. Our attitude is our choice. Another person cannot cause you to have a bad day unless you let them.

You are the master of your thoughts, which are the master of your attitude, which ultimately help you master your health, happiness and all areas of your life.

If you need to lose weight, take this into consideration. Negative thoughts are defeatist and set you up for failure. If you are an emotional eater (eat when you're sad or angry), you will use the fact that you ALLOWED someone to get you upset or make you sad as an excuse for your damaging behavior. If you want to lose weight, you must be positive, motivated, and resilient. You must not let anything or anyone get in your head. There can be no excuses. Your health should be so important to you that it's the first priority.

If you have a family history of cancer, diabetes or heart disease, there are NO EXCUSES. You should be seeking out the best preventive lifestyle available and putting it into place. If your job is causing you undue stress, consider changing jobs or careers; it’s never too late! If you have relationship problems, fix them or change them. Your health and theirs is worth it.

Your thoughts are literally the architecture for your health and happiness!

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