Help With Stress, Sleep and Psoriasis

Help With Stress, Sleep and Psoriasis

My work hours are very long and often can extend to 20 hours per day. My stress level is high. I belong to a great gym here in Chicago, but my food intake was very arbitrary, and my sleep and exercise regimen pretty uneven.

Bottom line: I got severe psoriasis on my elbows and back.

I went through fairly extensive prescriptions: shampoos that cost over $400 per bottle, a cream that cost $180 per tube, tanning salon treatments, and so on. Then, I tried oriental medicine prescriptions: Himalayan salt baths, special multi-vitamins, foot ion detox baths, and so on and so on.

Then, about six weeks ago, I saw the NutriBullet on CNBC during the weekend – I bought it instantly.

Since then, my energy is up, my skin is clearing, and my head is SUPER CLEAR. No more morning headaches. And now I sleep like a baby, no matter how much trading I do.

By the way, I have bought 6 NutriBullets as gifts for friends and family. I think most likely I’ll need another dozen.

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Comment by HeatherR94106
November 12, 2018
Awesome! I just started today and am super excited to start seeing results with my psoriasis so that I can stop taking a nasty biologic. Were there any specific smoothie recipes you used?
Comment by onesigma
December 07, 2015
Fari! Ah this is good to know. I trade futures for many years now and was looking for healthier way to get my food.
Comment by Angelb10
June 07, 2013
That's amazing! I just started this week and I have seen a huge difference with my sleep and energy. Good Luck!
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