Helpful Hints When Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Helpful Hints When Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Lately, I have been writing about how I used the NutriBullet as a cancer survivor to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and to accelerate my recovery. I've received many requests about how to eat during and after treatment, as well as recipe requests using the NutriBullet. Healthy liquid meals can be a real asset when battling cancer. Each person has different needs and reacts differently depending on their type of cancer, their medication and their treatment course. The common goal is to stay as strong as possible during treatment to successfully fight the illness.

This means that you may have to consider changing your diet to include more protein and calories. During treatment, a person can experience loss of appetite, changes in taste, constipation, diarrhea, nausea and lactose intolerance. While you can refer to a guide book, research on the internet or ask fellow survivors for suggestions (all of which I did), I learned that everyone responds to treatment differently and dietary needs change on almost a daily basis due to the side effects. I learned through trial and error and that’s why I want to share this information. Hopefully, it can help someone avoid the “error” part!

The good news is that many of the side effects can be controlled by what you eat and how you eat it. So here are just a few hints and a recipe that should be easy on your stomach:

  • Drink lots of fluids, i.e. water, hot and cold teas (decaf), and juice.
  • Drink ginger tea throughout the day or add fresh ginger to some warm water.
  • Use your NutriBullet to make healthy, high calorie, high protein liquid meals.
  • Avoid fruits and veggies that you cannot scrub really well (like certain berries)
  • Be willing to adjust your diet based on your side effects at the time. Some days may require more fiber, while others may require less.
  • Eat lots of small meals throughout the day (instead of 3 larger meals).
  • Be sure to ask your doctor for a list of foods to avoid during treatment, i.e., citrus.
  • Try to do some type of physical activity every day – I chose walking and it helped with fatigue.

Recipe for your NutriBullet that is delicious and high in protein and calories:

  • 1 cup of any flavor lactose free full calorie milk
  • 1 cup lactose free ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • Some chunks of rinsed frozen peaches, pears and/or apricots or fresh scrubbed fruit.
  • Vanilla or Almond Extract
  • Almonds and or walnuts
  1. Blend in your NutriBullet and if you do not feel like eating it right away, you can chill it for later.

**Most important - Always discuss dietary recommendations and restrictions with your treating physician.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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