Helping My PMS

Helping My PMS

I would say that enjoying a NutrBlast smoothie at least once, and many times twice a day, has definitely helped not only with PMS, but it has also helped throughout my monthly cycle. Prior to making smoothies, I had bloating, lots of pelvic pain and long, heavy periods. I am noticing less to almost no bloating or pelvic pain and my long heavy periods have lessened. I am also less moody. The NutriBullet has also helped increase my energy levels. Thank you for this awesome product and the Natural Healing Foods recipe book is a bonus, must have!

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I noticed the exact same thing! A remarkable reduction in symptoms That often left me dreading this time, Now I have almost no symptoms at all. The only thing I changed in my lifestyle Was adding 1-2 nutriblasts a day!
Comment by RamonaLeigh
September 14, 2013
I can't wait for this to start helping my nightmarish PMS too!
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