Helping with Skin Conditions

Helping with Skin Conditions

Q: What NutriBullet recipe recommendations would you suggest to help various skin problems? For instance, eczema, nummular ezcema, dry skin, etc.?

The great thing is that healthy foods start healing from the inside and work their way out - so you actually are what you eat!

In addition to the post linked below, I'd suggest using the following ingredients: sesame seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds (high in omega-3s), vitamin A-rich foods like carrots, pumpkin, leafy greens, seaweeds (maybe not in your NutriBlast, but sushi maybe!), micro-algae (spirulina and chlorella), which are great for clearing the blood of toxins, and cucumber, which helps cool inflammation.

Avoid: High saturated and trans fats, spicy or greasy foods. I'd also try reducing or avoiding allergy and inflammation-causing foods like dairy and sugar. Boost digestion with some probiotics or digestive enzymes. And last, but definitely not least, eczema usually clears when stress clears, so be sure to practice some stress-reducing activities daily!

For more information on skin-clearing foods, check out 5 Tips for Becoming Beautylicious.

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January 09, 2015
I purchased my nutri bullet today and am looking forward to using the recipe for eczema for my son. I will report back w/in a week or so to share my findings.
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