How Green Can You Go?

How Green Can You Go?

Here’s a fun game I’ve been playing: see how green you can make your smoothie while still enjoying its taste! Getting it green isn’t hard. Grocery stores and farmers' markets are full of green veggies and lettuces to get your smoothie green-ified. But getting it to also taste good? Well, that’s a taller order.

Want to know the secret? A frozen banana! Sweet and creamy, it balances out just about any of the greens’ bitter taste and has a neutral color, so it doesn’t dilute that beautiful green hue. Other neutral fruits that lend a beautifully sweet taste include mango, frozen peaches, pineapple, and coconut.

Add extras like coconut oil or almond butter for a sweet, creamy taste that won't murk up the green color.

Which greens give the best and brightest shades? While I am a huge kale fan, I find kale to be a bit dull in the color department. Same goes for mustard and turnip greens. Spinach and arugula though? Bright and brilliant!

Lately, the brightest green NutriBlast I can make (pictured) has a handful of spinach, a handful of arugula, a small Persian cucumber (yes, I’m still obsessed with those), half of a lime, half of a banana and a piece of ginger (also obsessed with ginger.) The results? A beautifully green drink that’s good for you and fun for the eyes.

Now that I’ve mastered green, I’m thinking of other colors to conquer. Purple? Orange? Yellow? I see beets in my future...

What puts the green in your NutriBlasts?

Extra tip: Want the whole family to enjoy this healthful indulgence? Name it the The Hulk or The Green Monster so your kids get excited to drink their nutrients and become big and strong!

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