How I Feel My NutriBest

How I Feel My NutriBest

Who doesn’t enjoy a vacation? Everyone enjoys getting away for a little “R&R,” unless you are my digestive track. I want to share with you what a week of what I call going “cold turkey” from my NurtiBlasts was like. The only words I can use are bloated, sluggish, scorching and blah. If you don’t believe me, ask my guts.

I spent a week in Costa Rica with my family over spring break. Costa Rica is a beautiful country that offers a lot of adventure. From white water rafting, zip lining through the rain forest and scuba diving, it was definitely extreme. It was very extreme on my insides too, but not in a good way.

The food is amazing, especially the fruit. The mangos and papayas are served straight from the trees. The pineapples are cut from the plants and dished up on plates. I thought I was fruit heaven. However, after couple of days my heaven turned to H**L. My digestive track starting screaming at me. It was letting me know “It was not amused” and begging for mercy. I was only two days into the trip and my body was missing its Nutri-Buddy. Even though I was consuming plenty of fruits and veggies, it was not in the same form. I was not getting the maximum benefits from the produce. By the end of the week, not only was I feeling crummy my hot flashes returned with vengeance.

After a long 24-hour trek home I was feeling like something the cat dragged in. The best remedy for the situation was to make myself a NutriBlasts – STAT! I went straight to my old faithful friend, NutriBullet. I whipped up one of my much loved NutriBlasts. Within a day I felt like my old self again. This recipe is my go to favorite when I need the energy, vitamins and the extra fiber. It is very easy to prepare and can be tweaked to your own taste preference.

1 Banana

1 Orange

Handful of unsweetened pineapple chunks

Handful of spinach

5-6 Frozen strawberries

Spoonful of non-fat Greek yogurt

2 Tablespoon of hemp seeds

Splash of apple juice

3 ice cubes

Enough water to fill to the line

Blend together and presto - NutriBlasts!

Over the past six months NutriBullet has become my new BFF. I realize how important it is to my daily diet and how I would be lost without it. If just one week brought on a digestive train wreck and battle to the death with hot flashes, I cannot imagine how I would survive without it. My morning NutriBlasts have become my weapon of choice, and I wield it generously, just as everyone should. Now, if only I can find a way to get my NutriBullet through airplane security next time… NutriBullet makes my Nutri-Body feel its Nutri-Best.

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