How I Remodeled My Kitchen and My Life

How I Remodeled My Kitchen and My Life

It's time to remodel your kitchen.

I'm not talking about putting in new cabinets or floors, I'm talking about dumping all the processed, high-sugar, high-chemical garbage that's sitting in your cabinets and fridge and replacing it with healthy, good-for-you whole foods.

When they're empty or don't contain the foods necessary to keep us healthy, that can be a concern. And take it from me, these are easy remodeling fixes.

Sometimes even making minor changes can make you feel more organized and healthier. Some of the most important things in our kitchen include counter space, the refrigerator and our dry and canned food pantry. If you’re anything like me, you probably have no less than five appliances sitting on your kitchen counter most of the time. Regardless of how much counter space you have, it can get a little crowded.

It actually took me a very long time after I got my NutriBullet before I rid my counter of my blender, mini food processer and ridiculously large and expensive juicer. They were just collecting dust since I was able to multitask with my NutriBullet. It felt great to have the extra counter space and I only kept the appliances that I actually use on a daily basis.

The refrigerator and cupboards? I'll admit, they're more of a challenge. The remodeling of these requires changing poor eating habits, first and foremost. My refrigerator on any given day contained processed and packaged meat, desserts and pre-made salads with full-fat and sodium-filled dressings. My cupboards were completely out of control and just stuffed with sugary cereals and chips! Remodeling these areas did not occur overnight.

As I made the NutriBullet part of my everyday routine, it was necessary to have the basics on hand. So my refrigerator slowly started to fill up with spinach, kale and other greens, as well as my favorite fruits. Slowly, the packaged items in both the refrigerator and pantry began getting replaced with healthier options. Since incorporating these foods into my diet, I feel great and became more motivated to keep the remodel going.

Well, I am happy to report that my remodel is now complete! My kitchen looks great. My refrigerator looks like a rainbow of fresh vegetables and fruits and the cupboard is filled only with organic, non-GMO and reduced-sodium items.

Remodeling our space and eating habits is not that difficult once you make your mind up to live a healthier lifestyle, and the rewards are amazing!

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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