How Losing Weight Saved My Life

How Losing Weight Saved My Life

My name is Abe and I’m 34 years young. The story of me gaining control of my health and my life started in 2009 when my fiancée was pregnant. During that time, I completely let myself go. It's crazy how easy that is to do and there really is no excuse; it was sympathy weight, but it was unacceptable. My fiancée was 7 months pregnant and when I looked down at the scale, I was 271 pounds. My heart sank down to my feet.

One day, like a light bulb going on, I made the decision that I wanted to be healthy for my family. Being a role model for my son inspired me to make some serious life modifications. We all have reasons for making positive changes in our lives. Soon, I would have my son to think about. We must be examples for our children and, so, I decided to undertake some major change.

I grabbed one of those giant black trash bags from underneath the kitchen sink and feverishly threw out everything unhealthy in my house. Suffice it to say, I didn’t have much food left, so I started researching what to eat and what new habits I could make to optimize my life. It was difficult at first to gain momentum and see progress, but my motivation to set an example for my son got me through those first few months where cementing new habits is so critical.

After trying virtually every product on the market, I realized NutriBullet was the most effective nutrient delivery device available. Over time, I created my own superfood smoothie recipe that not only changed my life, but most likely saved it.

Four months ago, well after beginning my better life journey, I suffered a near-fatal pulmonary embolism caused by blood clots through the heart. Doctors said if it weren’t for my nutrition habits, I likely would have died.

The doctors and nurses in the ER call these blood clots instant death, yet, somehow my heart was healthy enough to process these bad boys, allowing me to stay alive. It’s compelling to think if I had not been drinking my superfood smoothies every day, I might not be around for my family and to share this story with you.

So, here I am today! I’ve lost 76 pounds and I’m in better shape than I was 20 years ago in high school. More important to me than how I look is how I feel every day. When I enjoy a smoothie in the morning, it gives me vital energy that I never had before. I feel like it woke me up at a cellular level. My anatomy lights up like a Christmas tree — every single cell in my body and mind feel like they’re actively working for me. My focus and energy are heightened in all areas of my life: at home, at the office, in big meetings, and when I exercise. Soon after starting my NutriBullet routine, I found I didn’t need coffee to help me up in the morning (which is crazy, because I wake up at 5 a.m.!)

Combined with proper diet and exercise, I feel like I’ve found the limitless pill’s power source mixed with the fountain of youth. I’m in my mid-30’s and people often mistake me for being 10 years younger. NutriBullet was the catalyst in helping me make some serious, long-term life changes and, today, I weigh 195 pounds. It truly feels like magic and anyone who uses one will tell you, once you try the NutriBullet, you'll never go back!

I'm documenting my musings and my healthy life tips along with my wife, Valeria, on Instagram - follow along for daily healthy living motivation and more: @theoptimizedlife.

-Abe H.

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Congratulations, Abe. I strongly believe the Nutribullet we own is an excellent adjunct to a healthy lifestyle. We purchased a second one recently and are holding the first one in reserve now. Nonetheless, people need to realize that the Nutribullet is not THE solution to living healthily. I'm sure Nutriliving and Nutribullet agree that, used properly, it can be part of an excellent, healthy regime. But, while the Nutribullet and the Magic Bullet itself can be part of a healthy lifestyle, they can only ever be a part. They are not 'magic bullets', despite the name. We need to realize that, especially when it comes to our health, there are no 'magic bullets'. Standard medicine doesn't have any, despite it's claims, and neither do any of the 'alternative' health advocates. What the Nutribullet does is give you a way to consume simple, healthy foods easily. Which is fantastic. But true health is achieved through a serious change in lifestyle away from our indulgent modern one. We've been led to believe that we can continue living this profligate lifestyle and make a simple change, a 'magic bullet', to regain our health. It's simply not true. True health comes from tackling all three important areas of lives - Body, Mind and Spirit. Nothing less will serve. The Nutribullet is a significant help in the first step, healing our body. But all the effort in the world in that area will avail you nothing if you make no effort to progress through the next two levels, too.
Comment by sexyg
April 13, 2016
I recently had a blood clot in my right leg ,can u tell me of some healthy nutriblast that I can make since I have to watch my vitamin k intake since im on Warfarin.
Comment by ksitter
April 13, 2016
Can you share your superfood smoothie recipe with us? Thankyou!
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