How the NutriBullet Can Benefit Women in their 40s

How the NutriBullet Can Benefit Women in their 40s

For women, the transition from your 30s to your 40s can be a little tough - and not only because of the emotions that come along with that number. Heading into your 40’s comes with a whole new set of health concerns to worry about, which is why it is so important to be proactive.

Now that I'm in my 50s, I wish I had recognized the need to make necessary dietary charges to avoided certain and, well, let’s just say unpleasant, issues that hit me especially hard in my mid-forties. The hormonal fluctuations alone would scare anyone!

Between getting a little moody (I’m being conservative), hot flashes and extra weight around my mid-section, I was not really looking forward to my body's future. If only the NutriBullet had been around back then, I may have been able to avoid or manage some of my symptoms.

My beautiful niece just began her journey into her 40s and understands how eating well, exercise and using the NutriBullet can help her take control over her health, her appearance and her emotional well-being. Just like many of us, she was a little nervous about the thought of drinking vegetables, but she is using her NutriBullet consistently and is gradually transitioning into almost 100 percent vegetable NutriBlasts. She loves experimenting with ingredients and learning about new recipes.

Recently, I encouraged my niece to take advantage of the wealth of information and recipes located on the NutriBullet Blog and NutriLiving sites. The recipes shared by users and the RD’s are delicious and full of nutrients. I know that she would enjoy reading the great articles and helpful hints on what to use in our NutriBlasts to address a multitude of health concerns.

I am thrilled that yet another family member has recognized how the NutriBullet is a great resource for helping her to achieve her weight and health goals, not to mention her skin looks amazing!

She can head into her 40s knowing that it doesn’t have to be scary if you take control as early as possible.

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Yes, super good story - gives me lots of incentive. I am 68 however, just starting out but determined to exercise every single day and have my NutriBlast which I have grown to CRAVE. I might be a late bloomer but I too feel I can change my health, my overall strength, even my clarity of mind feels stronger since drinking a blast every day! Thanks to NutriBullet!
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