How NutriBullet Changed My Lifestyle

How NutriBullet Changed My Lifestyle

When I started this NutriBlasting lifestyle, I wondered if I would treat the process like a fad. I loved the concept of Blasting and the process made perfect sense to me, but I know I’m the type of person to drop something in a New York minute.

Luckily, I have been consistent with Blasting since the fall of 2012 and it hasn’t gotten old yet. In fact, I’m constantly learning new things. I enjoy expanding my knowledge about fresh produce, herbs, teas, nut milks and power foods. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Not all of my experiences have been positive and it hasn’t always been fun, but it sure has been an adventure. There is nothing worse than the smell of rotten produce; I learned that lesson the hard way! Before I started Blasting, I used to buy a bunch of produce and it would always go bad. Then, I learned a tip about washing my produce in a vinegar bath. It helped my produce, especially my berries, last much longer. Quite the money saver!

I am also learning about my new relationship with food. It must have something to do with my constantly changing taste buds. There is food that I really enjoy, there is food that I eat only as an occasional treat, and there is food that I don’t care at all about eating anymore. Cold cereal? I’d much rather use my almond milk in a delicious NutriBlast than over a bowl of flaky, processed carbs. I tossed all of the cereal boxes in the trash and never looked back.

I am also learning more about cooking with fresh, local ingredients to create light, healthy and tasty meals. I know there is a way to eat great while eating food filled with flavor.

I’m on the adventure of a lifetime and I’m loving every minute of it!

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hi Delores, i have had a similar problem with keeping my produce fresh even in the fridge... could you share your recipe/formula for your vinegar bath Wilf
I have major problems with chronic pain , I am happy to say that my problems are not serious but still limits me at 63. I also can not sleep. I have moved to a more plant based diet the last few months and any help using the nutribullet plan would be appreciated. excited about this.
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