How NutriBullet University is Making a Difference

How NutriBullet University is Making a Difference

If you're in the healthcare field, you've probably seen the color coded CDC obesity maps, showcasing the increasing rates of obesity per state. The red areas on the map indicate states with obesity rates greater than 35% and watching the map become increasingly red year after year—is shocking. The stats for children, unfortunately, follow this same trend. With these grim facts looming over our heads, how can you expect to make an impact?

For us here at NutriBullet, the answer was to create a preventative program that would provide students easier access to fruits and vegetables, empowering them to take their health into their own hands.

Would it work? We know healthier eating is the answer, but to prove our results, we measured the impact of a healthier breakfast through wellness assessments and pre- and post-blood work evaluations. With the success of the NutriBullet and the thousands of transformation stories, getting this product into the hands of children became crucial. This was the start of NutriBullet University.

It started as a pilot program at University High School in Los Angeles with 46 students. This 90-day, hands-on healthy eating program was designed to increase vegetable intake, improve overall health, and create advocates for lifestyle change through nutrition. The results were amazing.

See the results of our first NBU program launch in the NutriBullet University documentary, which captured the health transformation students went through from beginning to end.

Since then, we've launched NBU in schools across the country and continue to do our part to better the health of our children. Check out the difference we've made so far in this comprehensive study, presented at the 2015 American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

Students who participated felt more empowered to make healthy behavioral changes, increased their vegetable intake by 36 percent, and increased the health of their blood vessels, ultimately decreasing their risk of heart disease.

This program has been a dream for our team of Registered Dietitians and has given us hope that there is a way to change the health of the nation. By starting these conversations about health at school and empowering students to feel like they can make a change, students start to change their home dynamic, sharing their knowledge and newfound skills with the entire family. They become health leaders in their homes and change the way meals are had around the table. In fact, students reported a 13 percent increase in the availability of fruit at home after participating in NutriBullet University.

This program is ever-evolving and with such positive results, our goals for expansion are rising to atmospheric heights. We're dedicated to making a difference and want to share everything we've learned with you!

Curious how we did it? Bring home the entire program with our NutriBullet University PRO, which gives you all the tools you need to start changing the lives of your little ones at home.

Or get the basics - recipes, guidelines, schedules and more - with the NutriBullet University: Home Edition Book.

Check out NutriBullet University to find out more and start making a difference.

Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

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