How to Make the Perfectly Low-Glycemic Blast

How to Make the Perfectly Low-Glycemic Blast

It's 2015 and if you aren't already following a solid nutrition plan, it's time to get started!

You can start by incorporating the perfect Blast to your diet at least once a day. It's simple, and even with the busiest schedule, it will only take about 5 minutes to make. With the perfect blend of fruits and vegetables, this is an ideal way to quickly get great nutrition into your meal plan every single day.

If you would like to put some vegetables in your Blast, go right ahead. If you're new to Blasting, let’s go slow. Add one type of produce at a time. If you prefer vegetables, we can make an all-veggie Blast. Either way, the goal is to make it fast, easy and repeatable.

My favorite ingredient? Frozen cherries!

On other occasions, I crave a vegetable Blast with fresh cucumber, carrot, parsnip, arugula, tomato, and a dash of hot sauce.

If you use fruit, add a bit of protein to slow down the digestive process and help to stabilize blood sugars a little longer. Addition of the protein is not necessary with non-starchy vegetables since they contain protein, unlike the fruits.

In one serving of fruit, there is about 15 grams of carbohydrate. With 15 grams of carbohydrate, the goal is to add about 7 grams of protein.

Another great item to add to your Blast is extra fiber. Add fiber-full ingredients like chia seeds and oat fiber (bran) for a great digestive addition.

If you notice, I didn’t encourage the addition of milk, juice, or yogurt to your daily drink. These add a lot of carbohydrates, but do not add fiber. Thus, your blood sugars will be less stable. Chia seeds and other fibers will thicken your Blast and do a great job of stabilizing blood sugars.

In the end, you know your flavor and texture preferences better than anyone. Be open to trying new items and trade out with others so you don't waste the items you don't like. If you must have a milky texture, try almond or soy milk instead of cow’s milk products which, because of the lactose sugar content, have a much higher glycemic index.

Remember: you want no more than about 30 grams of carbohydrate and 14-21 grams of protein total in each Blast.

This will help you achieve a great start to the day, or provide a wonderful mid-day or late-day snack. For some, this might be dinner. Your Dietitian or Diabetes Educator can help you personalize the timing and amounts of each nutrient in your Blasts

By all means, take the time to find a few recipes you can enjoy. Here are a few great recipes for blood sugar maintenance and insulin regulation. Cheers!

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Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

would help if they had the calorie and sugar values on the recipes.
Comment by JulieU
March 17, 2015
What do you recommend for the protein addition to balance the carbs? Almonds? Hemp seeds?
Comment by HalSC
March 17, 2015
I've found adding a handful of walnuts helps add a milky texture without use of almond or soy milk (etc.) and is more nutritious since such milks are mostly water
Comment by Kurteen
February 14, 2015
Is using lactose free milk that is fat free OK?
Comment by rondom
February 08, 2015
Does it matter if you use sweet or tart cherries? I've only seen sweet in frozen fruits.
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