How to Recover After a Marathon

How to Recover After a Marathon

If you've just run a marathon, you're probably feeling like a million bucks! The race is over, your family and friends were there cheering you on, you're on cloud nine. Congratulations!

Or... maybe you're not. You just put your body through 26.2 miles of tough terrain and recovery is an critical aspect of your training regimen. If you don't have a recovery plan in place, keep reading! We've got some tips to help your muscles ease back into normal living - until the next marathon, that is!

  • Keep walking! Your first instinct might be to stop as soon as you cross that finish line. You may be exhausted, but if you stop moving, your body will go into shock. Let your heart rate drop gradually and let your circulation return to it's normal resting state. Once you've settled, you can take it easy.
  • Give yourself a break! You've trained for 6 months - take a break! Don't run 18 miles just after intensely training for 26; let your body, your muscles, and your mind recover. Stretch, do yoga, pick that hobby you gave up just before the marathon back up.
  • Keep up good nutrition! The finish line may or may not have included a beer garden and you're more than welcome to go a little crazy just after the race. You've earned it! But don't let your nutrition fall by the wayside weeks after training. Keep eating whole, natural foods and include foods that aid in muscle recovery, including beets, and muscle repair, like cherries. Blasting daily can help replenish your lost stores and keep your body in optimal shape, so you'll be ready to pick up training again when you're ready.
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Thanks For The Tips For After Finishing A Marathon. Eric Searcy, Perry,Ga.
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