Howard's Transformation

Howard's Transformation

Hi, my name is Howard Giller. I am 55 years old, live in Southern California, and I am going to share a little bit of myself with you.

I have always been driven and competitive in all aspects of my life. I am one of those late baby boomers that worked extremely hard and played even harder. I was an over-achiever and my fear of failure lead me to succeed early on. But, little did I know that I was failing myself.

While I drowned myself in drive and success and "never had time to be lonely," I lost touch with others and myself. I ate what I wanted to eat, I drank what I wanted to drink. I was invincible and had the energy to work off all consumption at the gym. I would go to bed on a full distended stomach, and pray that it would be gone by morning. And I could drink as much alcohol as I desired at night, as long as I could make it to the bathroom shower head in the morning, woken up by the alarm and motivated by the fear of being late for work.

My personal achievements: high cholesterol, constant weight challenges, triglyceride readings in the danger zone, gastric acid reflux, and occasional back pain as a result of my fluctuating weight. Add this to my family health history of heart attacks, multiple quadruple bypass operations, colon and esophageal cancer, and Scoliosis. In time, I came to realize that I was on a bad pill-popping track, taking Synvistatin for cholesterol, Prilosec for reflux, daily aspirin for my heart, and the temporary adoption of every new diet opportunity (which lasted about 30 days maximum!) My weight went up and down, and my muscles ached from the statins. I really felt my life was beyond my control, I was destined to duplicate my family history and I was helpless to change.

Then came the opportunity to participate in the Nutribullet program. I was skeptical and doubtful. The concept of giving up my multiple caffé lattes each day was unlikely and, in addition, I really enjoyed the finer commercial coffee bars. I was constantly "feeding the beast" throughout the day. I would never pay the premium for organic food. The idea of survival on nutriblast shakes, modest healthy snacks, and salads, with 4 oz of protein meats per day was not conceivable and could not pass through my over-sized belly to register in the remote reaches of my small brain.

But, I made the commitment. I made a commitment to the program and to myself. I was committed for a change, but it had to be significant or I would never consider it worthwhile or sustainable. As part of this change, I also decided to simply terminate all my medications - no more Synvistatin due to the muscle aches, Prilosec, or aspirin. After all, it is a free country, right?

Here are my results over a 6 week initial period from Mid November 2011 to the end of December 2011:

My weight declined from 184 lbs to 160 lbs.

The good cholesterol (HDL )improved from 55 to 60 (standard range >40)

The bad cholesterol (LDL) declined from 151 to 112 (standard range <100)

My total cholesterol declined from 263 to 208 (standard range <200)

Triglycerides declined from 285 to 178 (standard range <150)

As of March 9th, 2012

My Triglycerides are now at 82 (well within standard range), my good cholesterol has further improved to 70, and I now weigh 158 lbs. I also have no acid reflux and take no medications.

I look forward to continuing this journey. I view it as the challenge of "personal best."

As I mentioned in the beginning, I have always been driven and competitive. Now, the competition is with myself, to achieve the best results possible and balance this with life's enjoyments.

I wish all competitions were this easy! When you feel you are stuck in the path you have taken, you can still make positive, significant, life changing adjustments at age 55 and benefit from the results! After all, how hard is it to go from milk chocolate to cacao chocolate? You tell me....

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Comment by geneso
May 31, 2015
trying to drop 50lbs . beside going to gym . anybody have any idea which package to get . Can I add all together put them in one package take a scoop put in Nutr.bullet
Comment by emilia65
January 06, 2015
yo tambien sufro de lo mismo y no se que hacer presion alta,cholesterol,fatiga,disiniss,etc
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