Hydrating for Peak Performance

Hydrating for Peak Performance

Athletes often ask me if it's better to drink a warm or cold beverage while they're working out. Obviously, we all prefer to drink cold beverages while working out because our body temperature is elevated. It cools us down from the inside out - or seems to, anyway! Is this consistent with what research tells us about absorption?

With summer in full swing, this is certainly an interesting thing to think about. It's important to get the right kind of hydration, especially when you're working out in the high heat.

It turns out that gastric emptying (a.k.a. stomach emptying) is critical in assuring rapid fluid, carbohydrate and electrolyte absorption. Multiple sports nutrition studies have concluded that stomach emptying is more rapid when you ingest cold fluids versus warm fluids. While warm water will still successfully hydrate you following a workout, the rate of hydration is key in order to speed up the recovery process. The faster you can get fluid and nutrients to working muscles, the more easily you'll recover and be ready for another workout the following day! Those who do not re-hydrate properly often feel fatigued, nauseous, lightheaded and experience muscle soreness more often than those who replenish the fluids that were lost through exercise.

Water and water with electrolytes are the best things to consume while exercising as far as hydration goes, but as far as post-exercise hydration is concerned, this is the ideal way to recover after a hard hot summertime workout! Here is my version of an optimal hydration NutriBlast!

Cold Summer Hydrating Blast

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