I Feel Better than I have in 20 Years!

I Feel Better than I have in 20 Years!

My name is Mike M., I live in Charleston, South Carolina. I weighed more than 350 pounds in November 2013. I didn't exercise, I ate whatever came in range of my paws and I was going to die.

My doctor told me that I needed to go on oxygen. I wore size 50 pants and 4 XLT shirts because 4XL weren't long enough to fit over my belly.

Some friends of mine, Don and Lisa H., gave me a NutriBullet. That's when I totally changed my diet. I stopped eating bread, pasta, white potatoes, white rice, fried food, fast food, soda, caffeine and more. I started eating salad, fruit, vegetables, fish and white meat chicken. I had a NutriBlast every morning and one at every lunch.

My favorite Blast now includes kale, pecans, flax seeds, banana, almond milk and pineapple.

Since November (9 months now), I've lost 120 pounds. I have kept up with the exercise and I run 50-60 miles per week. I have stayed with the diet and since November, I haven't had bread, a hamburger, a hot dog or french fries.

I've gone from a 50-inch waist to a 38-inch waist. I went from a 4XLT shirt to a Large. Now, I don't get out of breath when I walk to the front door. My doctor has taken me off 5 of 8 of the medicines he had me on for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I feel better than I have in 20 years! Take a look at a couple of my before and after pictures.

If Don and Lisa had not given me the NutriBullet, I would not have lost the weight. In my opinion, it's a miracle! I have my life back. My weight runs between 229 and 235, and I am about 20 pounds from my goal weight.

NutriBullet rocks! It really changed my life.

This is me, finally back in my Dessert Storm cammis that I wore in Kuwait in 1991.

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Comment by kproffitt001
December 06, 2014
That is quite a journey. I just started, do I'm hoping to do the same.
Comment by heywillie5
November 13, 2014
It's always good to hear success stories. Thanks for the motivation.
Comment by natbug37
October 21, 2014
Wow Awesome! Im just starting out, got my nutribullet and I'm looking to lose 100 lbs. Your story is amazing.
Comment by Tutti
September 20, 2014
This is so inspiring,if you can so can I,my goal is to lose 83 pounds.great job mike
Comment by melg2610
September 08, 2014
Thanks for the inspiration. Well done on what you'vevachieved x
Comment by WWazz
September 05, 2014
I'm just starting out. Thanks for the inspiration!
Comment by b24racer
September 01, 2014
Mike, super job ! Looking good and keep it up!
Comment by respit
August 26, 2014
You focused. You won! Fabulous!
Comment by Ms. Lisa
August 24, 2014
Amazing, truly amazing. I'm finding it a little hard to commit to my diet because I just havent found a "blast" that I truly love. What worked for you? any suggestions?
Comment by kimmiepme
August 21, 2014
Wow! I am truly inspired. Keep up the great work!!!!
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