I've Got My Daughter Back!

I've Got My Daughter Back!

My daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL) on October 29, 2013. She had just turned 4 years old in September. From the the day of the diagnosis, we were told by doctors and nurses about all the complications and side effects that could very possibly happen, including hair loss, mood swings, blood and platelet transfusions, organ damage; it was a lot of negative things that no parent wants to hear.

Treatment started the following day and we immediatly noticed a change in her energy levels, mood, and hair. My daughter was not the same anymore; all she would do is lay in bed, take lots of naps, and not have much of an appetite. Her blood levels were very low and they have to be at a certain level to get chemo started, so she had to have one blood transfusion and two platelet infusions.

On November 23, 2013, we were given the NutriBullet by our family. We had seen the infomercial days before on TV and we were very intrigued by one of the testimonials from a woman with Leukemia. Her story gave us new hope! Immediatley after we got the NutriBullet, I started making my daughter a smoothie every day and, within a couple of days, we noticed a huge difference in her. I got my daughter back! My Lorraine was playful, energetic, with a normal appetite, laughing and playing with her older brother. I was so thankful and happy that the smoothies were making her feel and look better. We also noticed that they were reducing her hair loss. Now, when it's time for another round of chemo and they do her blood work, she always qualifies. My daughter even has better blood levels than I do!

The doctors and nurses are amazed at how great she looks. They say, "Wow, she didn't lose her hair," "Her skin looks good," or "She looks so healthy." Every chance I get, I tell parents about the NutriBullet and, seeing the huge difference it has made for my daughter, I let them know they should definitely give it a try.

Thank you, NutriBullet! We dont go a day without you. :)

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Comment by wlvlove
November 13, 2014
I am a believer or the nutribullet but reading about your daughter's story it makes me a bigger believer; thank you for sharing and hope she continues to do better.
OMGoodness, such a beautiful, heartfelt testamony. Such a beautiful little angel
Comment by Nuvia
July 16, 2014
What's the recipe smoothie? Because I have a lil girl of the same age and she don't eat much
What a beautiful girl. so glad you have found something that works. you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Oh what a cute little Doll! No child should be sick but Im glad you were able to bring her back to good health! My daughter is 23, she has ALWAYS been a very picky and poor eater. She has also always been very healthy, (surprisingly) but I have a strong and sad feeling that she will get illnesses and awful diseases as she gets older. I have tried very hard thruout her life to offer her good food but it has always been a serious challenge. She only wanted apple-blueberries babyfood until she was 8 and she has never really eaten fruits or vegs. She will now only occasionally have a very small salad or a piece of apple. I just went up north for the summer and surprisingly my daughter asked if she could borrow my Nutribullet while I am away. WOW! So while I am away I just bought myself another Nutribullet. (20% off discount coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond) I have been reading about the Nutribullet for the past hour. I have been texting to her info I am finding and she just agreed to a Nutribullet challenge!!!! YAY! So we agreed to stick with it and see how we feel on August 1st. I hope to lose a bit of weight and hopefully she will acquire a taste for fruits and veggies!!
I am so glad, you where able to find this and it worked for you.I am so happy your girls is doing good.Children are a blessing.
What a lovely child! I'm sure each day her smiles are a blessing, may you enjoy those smiles for many years!
I would love to know as well which smoothie you were making for her. Thank you :)
Comment by healthyd
April 24, 2014
Was there any particular smoothie you made for your daughter during this time?
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