The Importance of a Good Post-Workout NutriBlast

The Importance of a Good Post-Workout NutriBlast

I work out about five days a week. I do a little CrossFit-type training, weight lifting, walking and yoga in a typical week. I also like to run a little — getting in a couple two to three-mile runs each week. But lately, I’ve been running more and more, as I’m training for a 10K in Brooklyn. I’m super excited for the race, but the added workouts and mileage have really upped my hunger level and reminded me just how important post-workout nutrition is.

Most of the time, I can get away with a piece of fruit or half of a protein bar a couple hours before a workout, and then some nuts or sliced turkey after, but with my runs being a full hour long these days, that just isn’t cutting it. And I know for proper recovery, I need to eat about 30 minutes after a workout — and I need that fuel to be healthy.

And this is where the ease of the NutriBlasts have come in! I don’t know about you, but I can’t eat a lot right after a workout. I’m simply just not hungry that soon after (although I’m ravenous in a few hours!) But I know my body needs the fuel. So drinking something is an ideal way to energize without having anything heavy in your stomach. I blend whatever greens I have in the fridge in with a frozen banana, a scoop or two of vanilla protein powder and either coconut milk or cold water. I blend, I drink — and with just the right mix of carb and protein (which has been proven to help with recovery) — my next workout is better for it.

That’s me in the photo, post-run and tired as a dog, yet excited to drink my NutriBlast!

Tell me, how is your NutriBullet helping you to work out or run faster and longer? Would love to hear it!

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