Inflammation and Pain-Free!

Inflammation and Pain-Free!

I can’t say enough about the NutriBullet. It has changed my life!

I’m 56 years young, and I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 21 years. I had four knee surgeries and a total elbow replacement, and both my wrists are fused. Arthritis has taken a toll on my body. I was taking 800mg of ibuprofen three times per day. The pain in my feet was so bad, it felt like I was walking on sharp rocks. My feet were so inflamed, I was unable to wear closed-toe shoes; I could only wear flip-flops. My right hand had so much inflammation that I couldn't even hold my husband's hand because of the pain.

After seeing my rheumatologist in August and having her read my lab and x-ray reports, things didn’t look good. She wanted to put me on the cancer drug Methotrexate and steroids. I was emotionally upset and saw no hope for my future.

One day, my husband and I saw an advertisement for the NutriBullet and decided to give it a try even though we have the Vitamix. There is no comparison! We bought two NutriBullets, so my husband could take one with him when he travels on business. The NutriBullet is the most amazing product we have ever bought! The first thing I did was a 10-day juicing detox! And now we juice two to three times per day, EVERY DAY! We start every morning with fresh healthy juice!

I noticed the inflammation on my hands and feet started to disappear! Each day, it was easier for me to get out of bed and off the couch! If you could see me now, I'm walking without any pain! And my energy level has zoomed up; not to mention, my moods swings are gone!

My husband is a nutritionist and recommends the NutriBullet to his clients as well. I CANNOT live without it! It's changed my life! I’m going back to my doctor next week just to show her how much my health has improved! Not even the Vitamix, on which I spent over $400, can do what the NutriBullet does!

I’m inflammation-free and pain-free! Thank you again for making such a wonderful product!

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Comment by MATJ35710
October 18, 2018
This is so lovely, Immunity can also be increased by green juices
Yes, this is a very lovely story. But I don't see an answer from this young lady. Maybe she has not looked on here for some time now. But it would be nice to see What Exactly someone used to restore their health. Although, we all have different bodies and needs, it would be Extremely helpful if Someone with a success story could/would post what they Actually did. Have a healthy and happily Blessed day everyone.
Could you tell me which recipe did you do for the pain and inflammation? I can't do the detox for too many days, but I'm sure it works anyway... Please let me know. Thank you.
Very encouraging story. I too have chronic pain. It's in my back! What recipe exactly did you/ or do you use daily? I could certainly use your immediate response, if possible. Thanks, Aisha
Comment by CarolineDM
February 17, 2015
That's great that juicing has helped with your inflammation and pain. I trying to understand what a nuribullet does that a vitamix cannot, except save you some money?
Reply by Vondab
March 27, 2016
Exactly! It Sounds like they payed her to say that. Doesn't make sense the NutriBullet would be superior to the Vitamix, maybe equal and more convenient for travel in doing a quick smoothie with less clean up and waste, because it's smaller and gives you the perfect cup size. I like the NutriBullet but I wouldn't say it's better than a Vitamix! I like it for bigger quantities when I'm home and making for several people. Also, the Vitamin and Nutribullet isn't Juicing. It's just smoothies. Juicing is taking the fiber out with more concentration of the nutrients and using more produce. This is necessary for cancer patients.
Reply by ljoysgalaxy
March 11, 2015
MY mother has that vitamin. It is so big . I HAD a kitchenaid blender and although it was a good one, I couldn't use it and couldn't stand the thing!! it was just too cumbersome!! The nutri bullet is very fast the way very nice story and good luck to you. I also have had knee surgeries (due t sports injuries) I wish I had the bullet back then maby injury healing would have been faster
Comment by Gabbygirl123
February 12, 2015
I have been having pain in my shoulder for months and also infection in my gums. i had my first shake today and also had a shake for lunch and would you believe that i feel relief in my shoulder already, i just needed to let someone know that this stuff works. Thank you God.
Reply by Vondab
March 27, 2016
It's the high alkaline in the greens that takes pain and inflammation away. Works great. I don't have any arthritis anymore.
Comment by jscheg
January 23, 2015
Thank you for sharing your story...I am 39 years old and just had a right total hip replacement due to avascular necrosis, a horribly debilitating form of arthritis that is hereditary. I was told that I already have arthritic changes in my left hip as well and may possibly need another hip replacement in the future. My surgery was just this past December and I am bound and determined to decrease my weight and inflammation in hopes of avoiding another painful surgery, that's why I use the nutribullet. I can only hope my outcome will be as happy as yours.
Comment by dsugar904
January 02, 2015
I had stage 4 cancer 5 yrs ago. The doctors told me that I had an 18 % chance of beating this cancer and something told me that I wasn't ready die as of yet, I was 65 yrs. old at that time I am now 70 yrs young. After I got out of the hospital I went home got on my computer because I needed to find out why that 18 % of people lived through that kind of cancer. I did a lot of research and I found out that people had about 98 % chance of beating any kind of cancer if they ate raw vegetables Mostly, I don't eat any sugar, carbohydrates and no meat, after 2 wks of treatment I asked the doctor if they would please take another cat scan she didn't want to but I bagged and pleaded with her. I told her that I felt something was going inside my body and she finally agreed. When the cat scan came back she was amazed and couldn't believe the results. She said my cancer was 50 % gone. I asked her if they did any research on people that lives through kind of cancer she told me the only research is on what kind of drugs help cancer. The drug companies don't want people to know anything but there damm drugs, they think that people are stupid but there are more and more people catching on. I also have a Vitamix that I used when I had cancer but I bought a NB and I think it will be more convenient and I think I will use it more. I enjoyed reading your story
Comment by AD2005
December 31, 2014
Thank you for sharing your story. I am sharing it with my grandmother, who has to take meds through an IV drip for her RA. She is in so much pain all the time, and I know your story will help me persuade her to try the Nutribullet. Thank you for sharing!!
Reply by originaljolie
February 03, 2015
I was going to Reply to the 56 year young woman with RA & dsugar904 & thank them both for their sharing. I am 56 years old & had no Vitamix, but a Juicer instead. I've just purchased the "Nbulit" & am still getting some of the more interesting ingredients. Such as Chia Seeds, Cocau, Tumeric, ect. First, I need to say that Juicers are a pain in the Glutius Maximus. They extract the juice leaving a mess of fiber pulp to be cleaned. Not to mention all the parts that need to be taken apart, cleaned & reassembled. However, I've been Juicing since I was about 12 & it's probably why I'm still alive. No joke, I've died 3 times due to doctor's mistakes & contra-indicated drugs (The last time in 1995) I lost all feeling on my right side, had to relearn how to read & write again & a lot of memories. I was a prodigy mathematition & lost all of it. I was living in NYC when all of this happened. I left the Country & through Doctors, found an IV Cocktail of Electrolytes, 5 Vitamins, 5 Minerals & extremely high IV doses of Vitamin C. I received this Iv Feed, once a week for a year & a half & have 97% feeling & use on my entire right side. I've had both my Hips Replaced, the Right one in 2014 & due to a series of events, I nearly had my Right Leg amputated. It's now beginning to heal. I've also had my Right Knee-cap, surgically, permanently re- attached to (the intentionally fractured bottom of my Right Femur-thigh bone, after the pieces of bone were removed, Bone Marrow that was sucked out of my Right Tibia.) & have been told that I need both my knees, Replaced. My spine (Lower Lumbar (L3 to L5 is sublimated & disintegrating) has finger like Burstisis' growing into my Spinal Nerves & my upper spine is mucked up (C4 to C6) & I'm told I need Spinal Surgery too. My back problems result in Lock-Sholder Syndrome. Where the Pain is so bad that I can not raise my arms, even with (The worst thing for me-Cortisone Shots.) 2 different narcotics, really strong ones. I began working with my PCP, my Dr. (Who I Adore), to reduce the Quantity of Pain Drugs. Pain Drugs just kill you in a different way. So, here I was, lowering my Drugs & unable to walk, though I make myself walk more & more. Additionally, I quit Smoking & was sort of Lost. Then I saw the Ad for the 'Nutribulit RX" & the fact that it made Juice, I could consume all of the nutrients from the Veggies & Fruits. That I could, make Soup in 6 minutes, from Fresh Foods too, sounded all too good to be true. All of us have those moments in out Life's, where we know that the choices we are about to make, can either save us or flush our Live's down the toilet. I chose to buy the 'Nutribulit' around the 2nd week of 2015. I received it, around the end of January 2015. I've just had my first drink from it, today. About 2 & 1/2 hours ago & I swear that I felt stoned while I was drinking the Big Bulit with Kale, apple, pear, blueberries, goji berries & cocau powder & water. It was so thick, I could have used it for cement. So I kept putting crushed ice & filtered water in the Big Bulit, screwing on the cap, shaking it & finished all of it. I am beginning a new way to Live, that I know will help me, help myself change my Life. I'm going to make another drink for myself later, when mu stomach isn't so full & my (Left) Kidney isn't hurting a tad. I believe that the Power of the Nutrition, derived directly from organic veggies & fruits I used to feed my body, on a cellular level, is going to require my body to adjust. I was happy to have found reduce-pain & found this page. The warrior's page. Where courageous people (mostly women,I've noticed. Though the other 56 year old's husband brings his 'nutribulit' with him, when he travels.So bravo to all of us, for making such an exceptionally good choice. Here's to all of you (us) & your (our) (soon to be, new) healthier & younger bodies & selves. I'm so excited about getting stronger, being in less pain & literally, having a new chance at Life. Be good to yourselves, we've all made a wonderful start, let's keep going & sharing our new found wealth of health.
I just received mine yesterday and am so enthused with it. I have ankylosing spondylitis which is very debilitating and am also overweight because of it. I hope you can share with me what would be the best one's to make for my disease. Thank you and god bless
I have had Ra since I was a small child (jra) I feel like u did. My right hip is so bad it will stop me in my tracks and I end up stuck places cause I can't walk. My Doctor has had me on many many meds I've lost count I'm getting an IV treatment as I write this .My quality of life is gone. I'm going to be 48 in July . I just bought my nutribullet .i am reading up on it before I start . That's how I found this . I'm afraid if I make some and not like it I will just put it on a shelf and forget it. So any ideas on what to start with that's a tad bit sweet to get me going ? It's interesting to find someone close to my age that has suffered long like me .All I hear about is older people who get it later in life. And are doing so well .When I was growing up they didn't have medicines like now. My knees ,hips and hands are shot and deformed . Thank you
Yes please share your combination. I have been using spinach, strawberries, blueberries, apples, bananas. Sometimes switching up with grape fruits or oranges. I have Arthritis as well. Thanks in advance
I have Old Arthr as well. The doc wanted 2 put a pin or somthing n my wrist so i will not move them but i said no.I have a Blast n morning & 1 for lunch. But please let me knw what u did.
Comment by wakram
April 29, 2013
I'd love to know what you used, I have Arthritis and suffer from similar pain. Would love to know. Thanks
I am new to the nuribullet but reading your story gives me hope. I was just told I have spinal stenosis and some times its so hard to get out of bed. I have that needle and pins down into my fingers and it so painful. I'm hoping to find some relief in using my bullet.
Comment by Darlaburmaster
February 26, 2013
my mom was just diagnosed having osteoporosis. she's in so much pain. and she gets very nauseous. is there a blast that could help with osteoporosis? please help Darla
Comment by MissBeth
January 22, 2013
What do you use in your blasts that help? I don't have RA, but do have another version of Arthritis, and wonder of what I'm doing will have the effect I want, so knowing what you do would be most helpful :) Beth
Comment by Kitty
December 31, 2012
Wonderful news! I am so happy for you! I have a dear friend with RA, can you recommend ingredients that are specifically anti-inflammatory that you use in your smoothies?
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