Inspiring Health: How Jasmine Overcame

Inspiring Health: How Jasmine Overcame

A year after I ran the 2014 Los Angeles Marathon, my experience with Team NutriBullet helped foster what I now call my healthy life. The marathon carried all the physical and mental demands that some of the strongest succumb to, but the true marathon began afterward.

After all the fanfare, all the team huddles and cheers, the pounding of the pavement, I was left staring at my NutriBullet, which sat innocently on my kitchen counter. I was perplexed with the notion many of you probably face: how can this device maintain my health? How can it help me go further?

In my soul, I knew I never wanted to hear the words diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure cross the lips of any practitioner when discussing my health. These diseases murdered almost all of my paternal family and have plagued the rest. I was still overweight after the marathon and I needed a more intense commitment, not only to my fitness, but also to my nutrition. It was up to me and this device, another race to complete - this one without the miles.

I took the lessons I learned during training and continued down the difficult path, the buzz of the NutriBullet pushing me along all the way. Every Tuesday, after long hours of work, I went to yoga. Hot summer days were filled with sweaty and painful workouts at my local gym. Food journals documented my stubbornness in letting go of the poisons I called comfort food, revealing the iniquities in my diet. I started Blasting twice a day, despite facing frustrations and attempts to forget, which stood in my way as firmly as the NutriBullet stood on my kitchen counter.

My family and friends didn’t help. Invites to unhealthy restaurants, taunts at work when I brought in healthy, home-cooked lunches, the seduction of television and radio food and drink ads, all have led to tears in the gym, in the office and over emails when I just didn’t think I could do it any more. Then came an illness that caused me to have surgery, yet another hurdle to my fitness. Months later, a dysfunction causing partial paralysis to my foot – still undiagnosed – took out any chance of me running in the 2015 Los Angeles Marathon.

Yet, I stand here today, a year later, 35 pounds lighter, better than normal health levels and stronger and happier, mind and soul. My running pace has improved significantly. There is a new awareness and confidence in me that helped influence, encourage and inspire others to take on healthier lifestyle choices. I am now an advocate for wellness and better health. The legacy of poor health that so long affected my family is no more. I owe this to changing my nutrition, which was deeply propelled by NutriBullet. More than a device, it is the ultimate companion to my new lifestyle.

And, as I continue to use it, NutriBullet continues to be the symbol for maintaining my health and nutrition, now and long into the future!

Whoop, whoop!!

-Jasmine B.

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Comment by connierae
October 02, 2015
congratulations Jasmine. Would you give me one of the recipes you used as I could really use it. thank you
Comment by chezterez
October 02, 2015
It's great that she feels wonderful now. But which recipes did she concentrate on? Also, I e-mailed the company about two of the women in the infomercial; one with bad allergies and the other who slept well. I wanted to know what they were using. I asked them to be specific. I never heard back. That's not good customer service.
Reply by mrsrobinson
October 02, 2015
Follow the book that comes with it. It's all you need to get started. It increases in stages and is pretty easy to follow. As you keep going you'll learn how to play with recipes and different foods. There are lots of recipes on the site and on the Facebook page. Just start! You can't really mess it up.
Comment by alvindsledge
October 02, 2015
Thank you Jasmine for encouraging me to go back to nutri blasting.
Comment by ldugger
October 01, 2015
Thanks for taking the time to blog, I needed this. Love your writing style.
Comment by Pkschwartz
October 01, 2015
Good for you. Are there particular blasts you feel were more helpful than others???
Comment by hank11230
October 01, 2015
She didn't say anything about what she blasted with.
Comment by pwgarcia
October 01, 2015
Inspiring. THANK YOU for sharing your story Jasmine. You inspire me to keep my (new found) healthy journey on moving forward in the right direction.
Comment by calston
October 01, 2015
Congrats Jasmine on your healthier lifestyle choices, your story was AWESOME!!
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