Introducing the NutriBullet Rx!

NutriBullet RX

The NutriBullet Revolution is over 10 million strong! People everywhere are transforming their health and having a Blast, enjoying whole, natural foods in their most absorptive state. After all, it's not what you eat, it's what you absorb!

That's why we're excited to introduce the NutriBullet Rx - the latest addition to the NutriBullet line of products - which takes that commitment to absorption even further. With a 1700 watt base, a pitcher with the largest capacity yet, and the newly developed 7-minute Heated Cycle for soups, the NutriBullet Rx provides the easiest and most powerful way to maximize fruit and vegetable consumption in your diet - a lifestyle choice scientifically linked to reduced rates of mortality.

With the NutriBullet Rx, you can easily enjoy up to 20 servings of produce before dinnertime! It outperforms any machine of its kind, breaking down fibrous plant foods and unlocking the vitamins and minerals hidden deep within your food. Not only are its extraction powers unparalleled, the new Heated Cycle helps you create amazing, tasty SouperBlasts that are smooth, rich and perfect as a meal any time of day - they just happen to also be packed with the power of extracted nutrition!

The NutriBullet Rx gives you nature's prescription: the easily digestible nutrition your body needs! WIth it, you'll join the millions of NutriBullet users who have transformed their health and their lives to look and feel better than they ever thought possible.

Check out what everyone's talking about! Click here to order the NutriBullet Rx and get a special coupon for $20 off! Use the coupon code RX20 at checkout to take advantage of this limited time offer.

The NutriBullet Rx embodies the next progression in eating longevity. Join the Revolution today!

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My wife and I absolutely LOVE our Nutribullet Rx. It is, quite literally, saving our lives. Best kitchen appliance we have ever made. We cannot begin to thank you enough. :D
Where can I buy this in Norway? I have one Nutribullet, but I would like this Rx if I can get it from Norway, Sweden or Denmark...
Comment by twizzaam
December 26, 2014
I just bought the nutribullet rx after the using the nutribullet for sometime. Could get adivce on how to incorporate the nutribullet recipes into the RX. It's not as easy as it looks.
Comment by jstahl
September 03, 2014
3 months ago I eliminated 95% of all processed foods from my diet. 1 month ago I purchased my Nutribullet Rx. I have at least 1 fruit and vegetable blast a day, the majority of time I try to get 2 in, breakfast and dinner. I went off cold turkey taking Prozac that I have been taking for 2 years. OMG, no tingling sensations in my head this time like previous attempts. The side effects when trying to get off of the anti depressant s was always worse than the depression itself. I am excited to say, I have not experienced any withdrawal symptoms, and I have never felt as good as I have in the past few months. I wish I would have known several years ago just how much your diet plays in your overall physical and mentally health. The body is amazing, and when given the foods it needs, it can heal itself without the need for chemicals. I love my new life and the nutribullet...
Comment by jose4036
September 01, 2014
Today I purchased the nitribullet rx and I'm very hopefull to start a new way to good health.
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