Introducing Your New Customized Interests!

Introducing Your New Customized Interests!

We're working away here at the NutriBullet headquarters to bring you the best user experience possible, from the minute you receive your NutriBullet to those moments when you visit your doctor and get your numbers tested - we're right there with you, wishing you better health!

But to better your health, you have to know where to start. You have to have the knowledge you need to eat healthy and to target the ailments that most afflict you.

That's why we're happy to announce an all new feature that will help customize the NutriLiving content you receive. Introducing Interests.

If you're just registering for the first time, be sure to check off the ailments that you're interested in learning more about: anxiety, diabetes, cholesterol, weight loss, and more! Once you check these off, you will receive updates on the latest content pertaining to those interests right in your News Feed.

For those of you who are already members, just go to your community and click 'Interests' under your profile picture. You'll be able to check off the interests and filter your News Feed to include Statuses, Interests, or both!

This will help you receive the information, recipes, healing foods, and more that are most highly sought out by you. Be sure to update your profile today!

Are we missing something you're Interested in and would like to know more about? Let us know in the comments and we'll start creating custom content just for you!

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Comment by nejlad
February 21, 2015
I take coumadin, can i use bullet to lose weight with out using veggies, greens i cannot eat
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