Jerome vs. Sky High Cholesterol

Jerome said his cholesterol was at a life-or-death level. Now he's energized, he's off his sleep medication, and his cholesterol is an entire 100 points lower than it used to be. Under the NutriBullet system, Jerome's life changed. He started absorbing nutrients from fruits and vegetables, and now he's healthier than ever.
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Comment by elainediaz
January 08, 2015
My husband has high Cholesterol too, can you please let me know what is the recipe you used so I can start giving it to him please share it please asp thank you
Comment by thecatdp
February 21, 2013
Jerome, WOW is all I can say!!! I am new to the nurtibullet and I hope I am doing this right so you can see this did you do it??? Did you ONLY consume the juice during the day???? what was your recipe???? Please share how often, the recipe and what else you did. I too have high cholesterol along with other chronic issues...please share.....thank you:)
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