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Celebrity nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin walks you through a day using NutriBullet LEAN. In this very first Facebook Live video, JJ tells you the benefits of the LEAN program as well as the LEAN secrets to weight loss.

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Comment by Teddy460
January 09, 2017
Is steviabin the raw okay. I don't eat sugar.
Comment by Teddy460
January 09, 2017
He I'm also legally blind. Please forgive mistakes:)
Comment by Teddy460
January 09, 2017
Hi JJ, my name is Athena and I really want annuli bullet lean! I have struggled all my life with weight. My highest weight was 260 pounds on a 4'11" inch frame. I lost 145 pounds by surgery to save my kidneys, then it happened. I was thrown into constant hypothyroidism when mine had to be removed. It's been 4 years and still the doctor can't stabelize my TSH. I eat lots of veggies and lean meats, I eat berries and and at least one apple a week. I drink 1% milk but no other dairy products. I'm trying so hard! Please help me!!
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