Kickoff Cleanse: Day 3

Kickoff Cleanse: Day 3

It's day three of the 2013 NutriLiving Kickoff Cleanse! How are you feeling so far? Cleanses are often thought of as extreme, but hopefully you feel perfectly satisfied with whichever cleanse you've chosen and have found it to actually be fun!

You may begin experiencing symptoms of detoxification like headache, cravings, moodiness, or reduced energy at this time. Hang in there…they will pass and you will start to feel amazing! Think about cleaning your house – it gets messy before it starts to shine doesn’t it?

I’ve got a few tips to help you get over the hump. These suggestions should get those toxins flowing and help eliminate them so you can begin to nourish your body.

Drink plenty of water – Even though you are drinking NutriBlasts, your body requires water not only to stay hydrated, but also to help keep your bowels regular. When you increase fiber consumption, you can “clog up” if you don’t add water to your routine. The whole idea is to move things along.

Sweat it out – Toxins are eliminated by three avenues; the digestive tract, the lungs, and the skin. Performing light activities to work up a sweat, but not too strenuous, will not only remove toxins through your pores, but will help get lymph fluid moving along (see massages below). Other options to induce a good sweat include a dry or wet sauna or steam room.

Pamper yourself with an at-home spa day – Dry brushing and Epsom salt baths are great additions to a cleansing plan. Brush off dead skin cells and soak in the tub with heavy-metal binding salts to help speed along the process.

Massages – Massages do more than relax sore muscles. They stimulate lymph flow. The lymphatic system helps remove debris and waste that the body no longer needs. By circulating blood and lymph your body will “recover” from detox symptoms more rapidly. If possible, opt for a manual lymphatic drainage or a deep tissue massage; they each work wonders!

Have a headache? - Try some green tea to help curb caffeine withdrawals. Whatever you do, don’t give into the coffee habit. Crave sweets? Give it time to subside. Resist the temptation to toss in honey, agave, or other sweeteners. If you must, add in a bit more banana, a date, some berries or a slice of apple for a natural sugar boost.

Just Breathe! – Yoga and breathing exercises (known as pranayama) help release built-up toxins from the lungs. Yoga is a wonderful cleansing component as it connects movement with your breath. This takes care of the sweat component, too!

If this cleanse is completely different from your typical meal plan, then these few days have probably been a big eye opener. Embrace the change! We're here if you need us!

Hang in there; you will start to feel more energy than you're used to. Laugh more, smile bigger, and experience the power of nutritious food. We want to know: how’s it going?

What are your goals you hope to accomplish by Day 7 Reduce sugar cravings, get off of caffeine, lose weight, jumpstart a healthy diet, and/or find like-minded friends? Keep us posted in the forum!

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