Learning Patience

Learning Patience

Yesterday while at the grocery store, I was plagued with a nasty case of impatience. I was looking everywhere for specific seasonings, seeds and special nuts for the recipes (I’m following the Nutribullet plan to a T!) It was hot, crowded and I was hungry (that combination doesn’t mix well together) — and that’s when my inner monster started snarling. I just kept thinking that was the reason that there’s an obesity epidemic in America. Cooking this way — using spices and herbs — well, it’s work. Using the Nutribullet means you have to step outside of your routine. You have to try new things…LOTS of new things. I didn’t calm down until I was safely at home, out of the heat and crazy crowds, preparing our snacks and meals for the upcoming day.

It was then, when I started making the protein pot, that the aromas began to melt my grumpy heart. When I took the first bite, I couldn’t even remember why I was so upset to begin with. Everything’s so rich and flavorful and I always feel so content after a healthy meal. I’ve learned when it comes to cooking, patience is a virtue. I’ve also learned that the best things in life require you to go to at least two different stores for all of the necessary ingredients — and that’s okay.

Crazy, I’m just now learning that my health is worth it those extra minutes at the store be it for that special Nutriblast ingredient or Nutribullet recipe!

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