Living with M.S.

Living with M.S.

I have multiple sclerosis (M.S.) and had to take prednisone for many years. I eventually weighed 270 pounds and was miserable. I started eating raw and using the NutriBullet to eat greens. Three years later, I am 140 pounds lighter and have a huge, green smoothie everyday. I look forward to one. I have had zero M.S. relapses and can run 3 miles three times a week.

Thank you so very much!

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Comment by Kercherjm
January 10, 2015
Would you share some of your secrets as I have lupus
Comment by ViktoriaE
November 12, 2014
What an inspirational testimony of turning your health around using nutrition. I am new at the Nutribullet, but I am excited to see if it gives me some much-needed energy!
Comment by pegngreg
July 16, 2014
I also have ms and just got a nutribullitt hope it helps me I was on shots but now I take tecfidera and doing good on it .i want to loose 15 pounds any help with which recipes to use Peggy
You are correct, your diet can directly effect your cholesterol. Following a more plant based diet can help lower cholesterol, here are some of my favorite recipes for helping lower cholesterol:,,
to get off the subject, because I have not seen anything about cholesterol. my daughters chol is 570 or 750, take your pick. I was reading that your diet has something to do with chol.. with the wrong diet, your arteries get rough and this collects the plack when the blood passes through. are there any recipes for chol or plack reduction or elimination of one or both> thanks g.b. Clearwater, fl.
Comment by marchlily
April 28, 2014
Thank-you for your comments. I think about the people that also suffer from M.S. all the time and hope they can get some relief. I also went gluten free and think that really helped. I took daily shots but my liver was having trouble tolerating the medicine after a long time. I have been doing well since I started focusing on diet and exercise.I don't eat meat and find the nutribullet recipes that come in the book are excellent.I will always fight M.S. with all I have until their is a cure. Love, Janet
Comment by Dderr
April 19, 2014
It is unbelievable that nutriliving has changed your life like this. My sister also has MS and could really use the nutritional blast you've had. Are there some specific recipes you use?
This is an awesome article my sister has MS and she is really going through it....may i ask if you Janet are on any meds for your MS besides the prednisone?
Comment by jimii2
April 15, 2014
Those are wonderful and amazing results! Your victory over MS is totally awesome. Fight on!
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