Losing 100 Pounds with NutriBullet

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“Now, I am a very happy person. For the first time in a long time, I can look in the mirror and like what I see. It took 71 years.”

People have their own journeys to a healthy weight, their own struggles and their own secrets to success. I had the privilege of speaking with Annie, a fiery 71 year old who is filled with so much excitement for life and was eager to share her story. Like for many people, her weight gain started at a young age. Painful events in her life caused her continued weight gain until one day, she reached a point where she had to make a change. At her 70th birthday, she saw a photo of herself and realized that this was no way to live. The next day, she noticed a commercial for the NutriBullet and how it was helping people lose weight and eat healthier. Thinking that she could use this as a tool for making chocolate shakes, she purchased a NutriBullet. She didn’t realize at the time that this would be the tool that finally helped her achieve her dreams.

After losing 85 pounds with the NutriBullet, Annie hit a plateau. She received the NutriBullet LEAN and was able to lose an additional 19 pounds. On top of that, her cholesterol went from 200 to 150. Here is Annie at her heaviest, and Annie now 104 pounds lighter:

nutribullet weight loss

I asked Annie how the NutriBullet LEAN helped her lose those last pounds, and this was what she said:

  • LEAN Cup: “My favorite part of the whole program is the cup. I love the measurements on the cup and the size of it. I can fit everything in it and have a smoothie that keeps me full for a long time.”
  • Plate Divider: “I never realized how much I was eating until I had the plate divider. I don’t use it anymore but it helped me understand how to build a healthy plate and follow the right portions.”
  • Plan: “Since I was already using the NutriBullet, I knew how to build healthy NutriBlast smoothie. The LEAN program helped me understand which fruits had more sugar in them than others. I changed the types of fruit I was using in my NutriBullet and decreased the amount of high sugar fruits.”
  • Exercise: “I still don’t do great with exercise but LEAN helped me become more aware of movement and I try and find ways to incorporate it in my life.”
  • LEAN Boost: “I started with Fat Burning Boost which I loved. I add that to my smoothie almost every day. I used the LEAN Boost and it was tasty, but after I ran out I went back to the Fat Burning Boost which is my absolute favorite.”

Annie described some areas where her life was significantly impacted. Last year while on a cruise, her friends ate cruise food but she let the waiter know that she only wanted steamed veggies and fish with no sauce. Throughout her cruise, she was able to follow the LEAN Maintenance Mode program. Annie watched her friends eat chocolate cake but noticed that the healthier she ate, the better she felt and the more energy she had.

After losing 104 pounds, Annie was ready for her celebration meal. “This is something I have been planning for months and I knew exactly what I wanted to eat. I wanted four french fries and a steak burger.” Feeling deprived is not a way to live life. Having balance in life is the key to successful weight loss. With the NutriBullet LEAN, Annie learned healthy, sustainable habits that help maintain her health and weight. She enjoyed what she was eating and knew that every once in a while, she could have a celebration meal. Life is a celebration. Hitting your goals is a celebration. Everyone deserves to feel his or her best and celebrate life!

Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

Comment by RAVEENAK90657
December 03, 2018
Well done Annie. May I ask what did you have as your evening meal and any other smoothie recipes please thank you.
Comment by DebJoel
June 17, 2017
Thanks for highlighting someone over 60 who successfully lost a significant amount of weight. Losing weight after 40 is much more difficult. Congratulations Annie!
Amazing story! Congratulations on losing all that weight! I've had my NutriBullet for 6 years, drinking 5 servings of Fruit/vegetables a day. I also lost my extra pounds & now I am at my healthy weight. My cholesterol went from border line high to normal. I Am so thankful I found the NuriBullet. Thank you.
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