Losing Weight and Gaining Energy

Losing Weight and Gaining Energy

I am quite overweight, but having been judiciously losing weight for a bit over a year now. I had lost between 50 and 60 pounds on my own, then bounced the same 7 on and off for a couple of months -- I try not to focus too much on numbers, as they can depress me, but this is the gist of my situation. Then, last summer/fall, I got my NutriBullet after months of waiting for my kitchen remodeling to be completed.

I finally had a fridge, outlets and a countertop and could start. Immediately, the weight started to shift again and, by Thanksgiving, I was down a total of 92 pounds and I feel better in many ways than I have in years! ENERGY! I have had some setbacks, too--constipation early on for the first time in my life, several WEEKS of back pain, often nearly crippling, after doing more exercise than I probably should have, but I am loving putting fresh food into my body and I'm feeling *good* in ways I had not for years. And I'm proud -- I am doing a pretty good job with this weight loss thing and I am proud of myself.

I gained .8 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's - not bad! I have put the cookies down and am back in charge, so, there!

-Roberta C.

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Comment by pfkingery
January 20, 2015
congrats- please share your basic plan- how many shakes a day? what recipe?
Comment by Annie4u
November 13, 2014
Roberta, your story is inspirational! I'm new to Nutriblast but see I'm not alone. I hope to lose some weight and gain some energy myself! Keep us posted on your progress. I'd love to hear what your doing to lose the weight in more detail. I wish you continued success!
Comment by Kathyi
August 22, 2014
Great job Iam new to this I hope I can do as well as you .I am older than you hope it still will work for me.
Comment by Pegg
June 01, 2014
Good Girl, I am so proud of you, what an inspiration you are, this is my first day. My hat is off to you and hope you continue to be such an inspiration and I just know you will reach your goal.
Comment by Bcocks02
March 16, 2014
That's great!!! Thank you for sharing, very inspiring.
great job....keep up the good work, I hope ican do well as well
Comment by CareyCraddock
February 22, 2014
Thanks for sharing your story Roberta! You're an inspiration. I wish you nothing but the best and continued success & mental and physical bliss!
Comment by saba17
February 20, 2014
give me tip how to boost up energy I have 2 kids 4 6 I am really tired with them so need food terribelli
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