Maintaining Your Healthy Eating Habits While Traveling

Maintaining Your Healthy Eating Habits While Traveling

The holiday season is officially upon us! That means colder weather, delicious food, and, unfortunately, busy airports and more travel. But not to fret, if you're afraid of tossing out your healthy eating habits during travel, we've got some tips for you to keep you on track.

1. Plan Ahead – Look up what is available where you are going.

  • Look up online menus and nutrition fact panels for local eateries.
  • Map out grocery stores near your hotel or place of stay.
  • Request a fridge in your hotel to buy your own food and store instead of always eating out.

2. BYOF – Bring Your Own Food

  • Always pack snacks. No matter how long or far your final destination is, have something on hand.
  • Carry an insulated mini-cooler or lunch sack or pack a cooler in your car for long road trips.

3. Remember to stay hydrated with plenty of water and herbal tea

  • Do not overdo it with alcohol and caffeinated beverages.

4. Be smart when you eat out

  • Drink water before you go – we often mistake hunger for thirst. This will help fill your belly, helping you eat less.
  • Start the meal with a broth-based soup or salad. Studies show you end up eating less of the main course when you do.
  • Eat slowly – it takes at least 20 minutes for our brain to receive the signals that tell it when it's full.
  • Modify the menu if needed. Eliminate unhealthy condiments or dressings and make substitutions, such as a salad instead of fries or grilled instead of fried as a preparation method.
  • Share with your dining partner or take leftovers to your hotel fridge for the next day. This also helps save you money!

5. Pack your NutriBullet

  • Blast an early breakfast with produce from the nearest grocery store or Blast for lunch to avoid avoid long lunch lines, unhealthy options, and an unsatisfying meal you'll regret. Use our NutriBullet To-Go Travel Bag to keep your NutriBullet packed safely while you travel.
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