Making NutriLiving Work for You!

Making NutriLiving Work for You!

So, you've probably noticed some changes happening on NutriLiving! We're working hard to provide you with a better NutriLiving experience, updating the look and feel of the website and making it easier than ever to access the content you most want to see.

While we work on bringing you those changes, please bear with us during our transition phase. You might see some strange looking fonts or text sizing issues on certain NutriLiving pages. These are bumps on the road that we're currently fixing, and in the end, they'll lead you to even better health information.

Hang in there!

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Comment by hocp
July 29, 2014
I'm sorry but I do not like the new website format. In particular when I searched for a certain ingredient to make a blast. Previously if I typed in, say "pear" in the ingredient search it would come up with a number of different blasts for this ingredient, now only one recipe comes up. The same for other ingredients. I don't want to search for recipes I want to search for a single ingredient.
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