Making Soup with the NutriBullet RX

It's finally here!

Everyday, NutriBullet fans tell us what they want to see from us and everyday, we work hard to make it happen. The NutriBullet Rx is nature's prescription for optimum health and comes with all the features you need to live a healthier lifestyle: bigger cups for multiple servings, a Soup Pitcher and 7-minute soup-heating mode for piping hot, fresh soup, and our patented Smart Technology, which helps you make a perfect soup or Blast every time.

Registered dietitian Sarah Lefkowitz shows us just how it works and brings you two amazing recipes: the Almond Ally Blast and a Tomato Basil Soup.

Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

Comment by perfectv12240
December 18, 2017
Hey, Wow all the posts are very informative for the people who visit this site. Good work!
What type of almond milk do u recommend? I buy the vanilla flavored on in the supermarket. Is that ok
Comment by bearoaddog
September 18, 2015
where is the Tomato Soup receipt as seen in your TV add ??
Comment by dicker
August 02, 2015
I have throat cancer and this machine is a god send for making soup that I can swallow with no trouble thanks a big bunch
Comment by scotts303
February 06, 2015
Do you think you could ever chew your food enough to break it down to the level that this machine does? I don't think so. The better your food is broken down, before digestion, the more nutrients your body can absorb. This makes total sense to me, who cares what the "mayo clinic" says? Hospitals kill more people than they help. I don't have the RX, but I have the pro, and after I drink a smoothies, I can feel my energy level rise. It works, just remember to chew the mouthful of liquid for a while to get your saliva mixed into it before swallowing, this will ensure proper digestion, and assimilation of the all important nutrients that usually just pass through your body, and leave with your waste. You will be feeding your body at the cellular level.
Comment by hylaniado
February 06, 2015
Hello, I just purchased the Nutribullit Rx and I am having trouble getting started, can you help me? I already took the assessment so thats a start, lol.
Comment by jeanmrip
January 10, 2015
Could you please help me find the tortilla soup and the tomato basil soup? I did a search with the search bar and didn't find what I was looking for. Where else would I look? Thanks!
Comment by groma
January 02, 2015
I made the veggie tortilla soup and it was amazing. Bought the Rx for my Mom who has cancer and has a hard time with eating she just loves the soups I have made for her. Thanks.
Comment by sobrycki
December 31, 2014
I read something on line that states someone from the Mayo clinic said blasting fruits and vegetables is a waste of time and eating fruits and vegetables is just as good. I want to buy the Nutribullet RX but I don't want to be wasting money. Any thoughts??
Comment by sobrycki
December 31, 2014
I read something on line that states someone from the Mayo clinic said blasting fruits and vegetables is a waste of time and eating fruits and vegetables is just as good. I want to buy the Nutribullet RX but I don't want to be wasting money. Any thoughts??
Comment by mel112255
December 30, 2014
When you make the tomato soup you have put them in with the skins on, but in the book it says to peel them. Too much touble
Comment by madamjazzy
December 26, 2014
Clam chowder was nasty..I wish the recipes were cost effective. I could not most of the ingredients at Kroger s or publix...I am in covington, ga. Whole food store is 30 miles away
Comment by dsturdivant
November 16, 2014
I'd cook the soup first, and let it cool before putting in the nutriblender. To me soup tastes better for some reason.
Comment by daaltje
November 04, 2014
@SarahLefkowitzRD You didnt answer the question cattlegirl asked. She asked to get the whole recipe for the soup. I would like the ebook for the whole cookbook! I am interested in sweet-free eating which means no fruits and no starches that are white, nor sweet potatos. (cauliflower and mushrooms excepted) So I make it in the Nutrabulet, heat it up on the stove or in a microwave., and there it is, soup. This morning I pulverized cooked leftover vegetables with some chia and fresh onion, heated them, and there it was, soup. Personally I can divide a recipe and alter it to my taste or my "ingredients at hand". I am good at that. I would really like it if I could have an e-copy of the soup recipes. I would also like to be able to pull up recipes here i n this site that were "no sugar". That would mean none of the following, no apples bananas melons, no fruit at all. A separate section for "berries are the only fruit" in this smoothie would be of great use to us sugar-avoiders. I appreciate having a chance to give feedback to the people who make this product. PS, while I am on a roll, a section of the site about cleaning would be great. This morning I looked in the center and saw some dried crud around the edges. I unplugged and used a damp toothbrush followed by a dry towel today. I left it still unplugged till tomorrow.
Reply by lauracueva
November 11, 2014
Hi Daaltje! Thanks for your feedback! I think e-books are a great idea, something we haven't gotten around to doing just yet. But keep an eye out for more soup recipes as those are coming within the next few days. :) We have lots of all-veggie Blasts, too. Check these out, and feel free to adjust the recipe - if you can't do lime, for instance, leave it out! (just exclude the pear!)
Comment by cattlegirl
October 28, 2014
So...until Santa brings me the soup-maker, can I make the soup in my regular old Nutribullet and warm it up afterwords???? Also, what are the exact measurements you used for cashews, etc. in the tomato/basil soup please?
You can make it in the NutriBullet and then heat it up afterwards, however quantity will be different, the RX has a larger soup making vessel. If you are scaling back the recipe I would guess about 1/4 cup of cashews should do the trick!
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